Image: Sam Neill in the Cook and the Pacific exhibition gallery

Foxtel’s HISTORY channel is a key supporter of the National Library of Australia’s latest exhibition, Cook and the Pacific. Foxtel, as a company, aims to connect Australians to all the stories they love and the HISTORY channel achieves this as Australia & New Zealand’s only television channel dedicated purely to history 24/7. HISTORY sets out to not only satisfy our ever-growing demand for historical programming but also stimulate curiosity to know more about our world and our own nation. 

This aligns well with the National Library of Australia’s own programs and exhibitions which support learning, creative and intellectual endeavours and contribute to the continuation of Australia’s diverse culture and heritage.

One such exhibition is Cook and the Pacific, a comprehensive exhibition focusing on James Cook’s three remarkable Pacific voyages.  Similarly, HISTORY’s successful documentary, The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook with Sam Neill, follows actor Sam Neill as he traces James Cook’s footsteps through the Pacific and re-examines the different cultures left in Cook’s wake.

Many of the events, locations and themes discussed in the series are explored further in the current Cook and The Pacific exhibition, which has created a perfect partnership between the National Library of Australia and the HISTORY channel and the ability to share each other’s resources. Sam Neill himself was even able to open the exhibition in Canberra.

The HISTORY channel looks forward to continuing and fostering this relationship with the National Library of Australia.

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