Global Business College of Australia (GBCA) is a supporter of the National Library of Australia’s Asia Study Grants Program. In partnership with the University of Canberra, GBCA supports the development of academic knowledge and employability skills at its Melbourne campus.

GBCA promotes the development of innovative thinking and research amongst its student cohort. This ambition is strongly aligned to the National Library’s own programs which support academic research and are designed to stimulate sustained scholarly, literary and artistic use of the Library’s   collections, and promote lively interaction within its community.

Asia Study Grants assist scholars in Australia to undertake research relating to Asia through a four week period of intensive access to our Asian language and Asia-related collections. Researchers may be in the early or later stages of a project, and can explore the extent of National Library collections or focus on specific materials. Grants may also be used to undertake preliminary investigations in developing a larger or related project to assist in attracting further research funding or work.

The Asia Study Grants grew out of the Japan Study Grants and are now supported by a bequest, private philanthropy and corporate partner, Global Business College of Australia. Together we are investing in research and curiosity.