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Titles are listed by state/territory and then alphabetically by title. These titles have been funded for digitisation by various contributors which are indicated in square brackets after the title name.

Titles will be removed from this list when they are available on Trove.


  • All Grades Advocate (Sydney, NSW: 1917); [Australian National University]
  • Auburn & District News (Nov. 1929); [Cumberland Council]
  • Auburn and Lidcome Advance (1925-1939); [Cumberland Council]
  • Auburn News and Granville Electoral Gazeteer (1903-1905); [Cumberland Council]
  • The Co-Operator (Sydney, NSW: 1910-1917); [Australian National University]
  • The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW: 1879-1906); [State Library of New South Wales Digital Excellence Program]
  • Express (Granville, N.S.W.:June 1933, May 1935); [Cumberland Council]
  • Granville Independent and Parramatta Advertiser (1900-1901); [Cumberland Council]
  • The Railway and Tramway Co-Operator (Sydney, NSW: 1909-1910); [Australian National University]
  • The Weekly Advance (Granville, N.S.W.: 1892-1893); [Cumberland Council]


  • Nasza Droga (Adelaide: 1952-1954) [Porta Polonica]
  • The Progressive Times (Largs North, SA: 16 May 1949-Feb 1951); [Renewal SA]
  • Seaport News Review (21 Jan. 1954-29 Apr. 1954); [Renewal SA]


  • The Evening Echo (Ballarat, VIC: 1914-1918); [State Library Victoria]
  • The Star (Ballarat, VIC: 1856) [Ballarat Library]


  • Dowerin Guardian & Amery Line Advocate (1927-1954); [ State Library of Western Australia]
  • Mt. Barker & Denmark Record (1929-1949); [State Library of Western Australia]
  • Mullewa Mail (1921-1947); [State Library of Western Australia]
  • Red Star (1932-1936); [State Library of Western Australia]
  • Weekly Gazette (Goomalling, W.A.: 1924-1946); [State Library of Western Australia]
  • Workers Star (1936-1950); [State Library of Western Australia]