How can I contribute?

Digitised newspapers are a heavily used resource on Trove attracting thousands of visits a day. We welcome organisations, including state and public libraries, historical societies, universities, businesses, local councils and community groups sponsoring the digitisation of specific newspapers.

It has been estimated that approximately 7,700 newspaper titles have been published within Australia. Trove provides access to over 20 million pages from over 1000 Australian newspapers from each state and territory and from the earliest published newspaper in 1803, to the mid-20th century, including some community language newspapers. Newly digitised articles are added daily. The newspapers are digitised in a standard format which supports long-term access and full-text searching of articles.

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Next steps if you want to contribute to Trove Digitised newspapers and more

  1. Read the Contributor Guidelines. These guidelines provide detailed information about the Contributor Model and will help you to plan your project.
  2. Contact the Contributor Liaison Officer at the National Library to discuss your project. The National Library will provide you with practical advice and assistance to digitise your selected titles. You can email the Library at or contact the Contributor Liaison Officer on (02) 6262 1005.
  3. We will also ask you to contact your State or Territory Library to ensure the master microfilm will be available for your project.

You can also use the Trove online form to ask questions or provide feedback about the ANDP or Trove.

Our newspaper digitisation program is closely linked with the Australian Newspaper Plan, a cooperative endeavour between the National and State and Territory Libraries to collect, preserve and provide access to Australian newspapers.