Select chronology of significant Australian press events to 2011 Compiled by Rod Kirkpatrick for the Australian Newspaper History Group. 1802 - 1829

Year Date Centre Details
1802 Unknown Sydney George Howe, second NSW Government Printer, prints the first book produced in colony of New South Wales: The New South Wales General Standing Orders.
1803 5 March Sydney First issue of Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser; publisher George Howe. 
1807 April-May Sydney  Sydney Gazette fails to appear for six weeks (lack of paper); No. 214 was 19 April and No. 215 was 7 June.
1808 30 Aug Sydney  Sydney Gazette suspends publication; resumes 15 May 1809 (lack of paper; no Gazette during Rum Rebellion on 26/1/1808 which overthrew Governor Bligh). 
1810 8 Jan Hobart  First issue of Derwent Star and Van Diemen’s Land Intelligencer; 12 issues; probably ceased 11 June 1810.
1814 14 May Hobart  First issue of Van Diemen’s Land Gazette and General Advertiser. Final issue is dated “from September 10 to September 24” 1814.
1816 1 June  Hobart  First issue of Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter. Bent remains as printer until 24 June 1825 (No 481).
1821 11 May Sydney Death of father of Australian press, George Howe, at 51.
1824 14 Oct Sydney  First issue of the Australian; published without prior restraint, and, immediately, at Robert Howe’s request, censorship of the Gazette ceases.
1825 5 Jan Launceston First issue of Tasmanian and Port Dalrymple Advertiser, Australia’s first provincial newspaper. Appears irregularly; ceases 18 May 1825.
1825 2 May Sydney First issue of Howe’s Weekly Commercial Express. Ceases 26 September.
1825 25 June Hobart Governor Arthur pirates Hobart Town Gazette title; appoints James Ross and George Terry Howe as government printers; Bent continues to publish.
1825 19 Aug Hobart  First issue of Colonial Times and Tasmanian Advertiser.
1825 Oct Sydney Sydney Gazette is published bi-weekly – after Robert Howe closes the Express.
1826 19 May Sydney  First issue of the Monitor; ceases end March 1842.
1827 1 Jan Sydney  Sydney Gazette becomes a daily. Final daily issue is 10 Feb 1827. (It was bi-weekly immediately before daily issue and tri-weekly immediately after.)
1827 3 Mar Hobart  First issue of Tasmanian.
1827 5 Apr Sydney  First issue of the Gleaner; ceases 29 Sept.
1827 25 April Sydney Governor Darling’s “Gagging Act” passed by Legislative Council.
1827 3 May Sydney  “Stamp Act” (a duty on newspapers) passed by Legislative Council, but never enforced.
1827 20 Oct Hobart  First issue of Hobart Town Courier.
1828 March Hobart  First issue of Colonial Advocate and Tasmanian Monthly Review, a magazine published by Andrew Bent to avoid the necessity for a newspaper licence. No 8, October 1828 was final issue.
1829 29 Jan Sydney  Sydney Gazette proprietor Robert Howe drowns in boating accident on Sydney Harbour.
1829 9 Feb Launceston First issue of Launceston Advertiser.
1829 24 Feb Launceston First issue of Cornwall Press and Commercial Advertiser. Ceases with No 20 on 7 July 1829.


Select chronology of significant Australian press events to 2011 Compiled by Rod Kirkpatrick for the Australian Newspaper History Group. 1830 - 1839

Year Date Centre Details
1830 Unknown Fremantle First issue of Fremantle Journal and General Advertiser (manuscript; short-lived)
1830 Unknown  Perth First issue of West Australian Gazette (manuscript; short-lived)
1831 28 Mar  Launceston First issue of Independent; ceases 31 Jan 1835.
1831 18 Apr Sydney First issue of Sydney Herald. Started by Alfred Ward Stephens, 27, Frederick Michael Stokes, 26, and William McGarvie, 21.
1831 25 Apr Fremantle First issue of the Fremantle Observer, Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal .
1831 Unknown Perth First issue of the West Australian Chronicle and Perth Gazette (manuscript; short-lived)
1831 Unknown Perth First issue of the Western Australian (manuscript; short-lived)
1832 7 Mar Sydney First issue of the official Government Gazette for New South Wales. Contained only orders and notices; no news and adverts. End of the arrangement by which the Sydney Gazette, alone among newspapers, was paid to publish Government Orders.
1832 17 May Sydney Sydney Herald becomes bi-weekly. Price per copy drops to sixpence, but rises to 9d when size enlarged on 3 March 1834.
1832 June Sydney  G.T. Graham replaces Ralph Mansfield as editor of Sydney Gazette.
1832 6 July Sydney Alfred Hill, printer of Hall’s Monitor, launches Hill’s Life in New South Wales, sporting weekly modelled on Bell’s Life in London; 5d. SMH only cheaper Sydney paper. Ceases Jan 1833.
1832 6 July Hobart First issue of Colonist and Van Diemen’s Land Commercial & Agricultural Advertiser.
1832 25 Aug Sydney First issue of Currency Lad, published by executors of Howe estate and Horatio Wills, George Howe’s step-son. Ceases May 1833.
1832 Nov Sydney  Edward O’Shaughnessy (an emancipist) replaces Graham as editor of Sydney Gazette.
1833 Unknown Perth First issue of Western Australian Colonial News (manuscript; short-lived)
1833 Unknown Perth First issue of Inquisitor (manuscript; short-lived)
1833 5 Jan Perth First issue of Perth Gazette, forerunner of today’s West Australian.
1833 26 Feb Hobart First issue of Hobart Town Chronicle. Ceases 2 July 1833.
1833 June Sydney The widowed Mrs Howe, as executrix, takes over direct control of the Sydney Gazette, but O’Shaughnessy remains as editor.
1834 22 Aug Hobart First issue of People’s Horn Boy. Ceases 13 Dec 1834.
1834 28 Nov Hobart First issue of Morning Star and Commercial Advertiser. Ceases 23 Oct 1835.
1835 1 Jan Sydney First issue of the Colonist. Proprietor John Dunmore Lang. Incorporated in Sydney Herald from 1 Jan 1841.
1836 18 Jun Adelaide First issue of South Australian Gazette & Colonial Register (this issue published in London, six months before colony is proclaimed; 2nd issue published in Adelaide on 3 June 1837). Ceases 20 Feb 1931.
1836 6 Oct Perth First issue of the Swan River Guardian (survives 16 months)
1836 Oct Sydney Frederick Stokes, co-owner of the Sydney Herald, ‘had some difference with Mr Stephens’, sells him his half share and withdraws from the paper.
1838 1 Jan Melbourne First issue of Melbourne Advertiser; manuscript; printed from 5/3; discontinued in April as was not registered.
1838 2 Jul Sydney Sydney Herald becomes tri-weekly.
1838 27 Oct Melbourne First issue of Port Phillip Gazette. 
1838 2 Jun Adelaide First issue of Southern Australian; appears under that title to Oct 1844; then South Australian.
1839 6 Feb Melbourne First issue of Port Phillip Patriot and Melbourne Advertiser.
1839 10 Apr Port Lincoln First issue of Port Lincoln Herald. First, sixth and seventh issued printed in Adelaide; 2-5 printed at Port Lincoln. Ceases with No. 7 on 28 Sept. 1841. 
1839 20 Jun Adelaide South Australian Gazette appears as separate organ from South Australian Register.
1839 7 Sep Adelaide First issue of Adelaide Guardian; becomes Adelaide Chronicle 10 Dec 1839. Thomas and Co buys it in March 1840 and continues to publish it on Weds, with Register on Sats.
1839 Dec Sydney Robert Howe, son of Robert Howe (1795-1829), buys Sydney Gazette at auction and becomes third generation of Howe family to own the paper. Sells in October 1841.
1839  31 Dec Sydney Frederick Stokes buys back Sydney Herald from Ward Stephens.


Select chronology of significant Australian press events to 2011 Compiled by Rod Kirkpatrick for the Australian Newspaper History Group. 1840 - 1850

Year Date Centre Details
1840 3 Jan Melbourne  First issue of Port Phillip Herald. Becomes Melbourne Morning Herald Jan 1849 and the Herald from 1855.
1840  1 July Sydney  Sydney Monitor becomes a daily; published daily only until year's end.
1840  1 Oct Sydney  Sydney Herald becomes daily, reducing its price to sixpence.
1840  12 Nov Adelaide Thomas and Co issue unauthorised South Australian Gazette, claiming it to be “authorised”; forces SA Government to change title of the authorised version to the South Australian Government Gazette.
1840  21 Nov Geelong First issue of Geelong Advertiser, first regular provincial mainland newspaper; still published.
1840  unknown Sydney  Transportation of convicts to NSW ceases. 
1841  1 Jan Sydney  Sydney Herald incorporates John Dunmore Lang’s Colonist.
1841  8 Feb Sydney  John Fairfax and Charles Kemp buy Sydney Herald from Frederick Stokes.
1841  May Adelaide Departure of Gawler as Governor of SA. End of government intervention in SA newspapers. Depression forces sale of the SA Register to James Allen, Baptist preacher.
1841  11 Dec Maitland NSW First issue of Hunter River Gazette, first provincial newspaper in NSW. Ceases 25 June 1842.
1841  29 Dec Sydney  Monitor ceases publication. 
1841  unknown Sydney  NSW Government Printer appointed to run a government printery and print Government Gazette. This ended annual tendering arrangement that gave Government some influence over the press. [Contract was held by proprietors of Sydney Gazette, 1832-34; Herald, 1835, 1837 and 1840; Australian, 1838-39; and a non-newspaper printer, 1836.] 
1841  unknown Sydney  Population of NSW: 130,000, including 46,000 convicts and ex-convicts (1851: 187,000, including 26,000 convicts and ex-cons).
1842  12 March  Launceston First issue of Launceston Examiner; still published.
1842  July Sydney  Publication of Sydney Gazette suspended when owner Patrick Grant could not pay his printers; printer Richard Sanderson resumed publication on 2 August.
1842  1 Aug Sydney  Sydney Herald becomes Sydney Morning Herald.
1842  6 Aug Adelaide South Australian Register announces partnership between its proprietors, Robert Thomas and George Stevenson, is dissolved; paper and plant auctioned to James Allen for £600.
1842  20 Aug Portland First issue of Portland Guardian; ceases 1964
1842  31 Aug Portland First issue of Portland Mercury; ceases 29 June 1844 
1842  20 Oct Sydney  Australia’s first newspaper, the Sydney Gazette, ceases (after publication had been suspended for a few weeks in July).
1842  26 Oct Adelaide First issue of the Southern Star. Ceases 15 Feb 1843.
1843 7 Jan Maitland NSW First issue of Maitland Mercury; still published.
1843 1 July Adelaide First issue of Adelaide Observer; edited and owned by John Stephens, a teetotaller Methodist who later plays influential role in the anti-state aid to religion campaign; Observer rises out of ashes of Examiner, which was one of the victims of the depression of early 1840s (Carey, p.16).
1843 unknown Sydney Institution of a two-thirds elected Legislative Council in NSW. Press takes on additional responsibility for there is no official Hansard until 1879 and there are now periodic elections. Press had been reporting the nominee Council since 1838.
1843 July Sydney First issue of W.A. Duncan’s Weekly Register. Ceases December 1845.
1844 1 Jan Sydney Editor Thomas Forster and printer Edwyn Henry. Statham buy the Australian; they make it a daily from 1 March; it remains a daily for 11 months and then becomes a tri-weekly and later a bi-weekly.
1844 23 Dec Adelaide SA Register appears as a daily – for seven weeks, under James Allen’s ownership. Allen had already lifted it to bi-weekly issue. Ceased daily issue on Wed 12 Feb 1845. Became a Wed/Sat bi-weekly.
1844 3 July Portland First issue of Portland Gazette. Ceases 23 March 1849
1844 30 Nov Sydney First issue of the Atlas [full title: Atlas, Sydney Weekly, Journal of Politics, Commerce and Literature]. Ceases 30 December 1848.
1845 15 Jan Portland First issue of Portland Bay Examiner; ceases 13 May 1845.
1845 15 May Melbourne Port Phillip Patriot becomes a daily, Melbourne’s first
1845 July Adelaide James Allen sells South Australian Register to John Stephens, owner of the Adelaide Observer; the latter becomes the weekly edition of the Register, and both are controlled from same office until Register’s closure in 1931
1845 4 July Hobart Colonial Times incorporates the Tasmanian.
1845 5 July Adelaide First issue of Mark 2 of the South Australian Gazette & Colonial Register, with George Stevenson in control. Confusing title and the Register is still being published, as is the SA Government Gazette. In Oct 1847 Stevenson changes Colonial to Mining in the title.
1846 2 June Melbourne First issue of Argus; William Kerr is editor/proprietor.
1846 20 June Brisbane First issue of Moreton Bay Courier. Courier-Mail of today is descended from it.
1848 June Tanunda SA First issue of Deutsche Post fur die Australische Colonien in Adelaide on 6 Jan 1848. Bilingual English-German weekly. Ceases after three months and proprietor transfers seat of operations to Tanunda in the Barossa Valley where a large number of German-speaking migrants have settled. Publication resumes in June.
1848 15 Sept Melbourne The Melbourne Argus banner becomes simply the Argus. Damages in a libel action against the Argus force founder William Kerr to sell the newspaper. Contributor Edward Wilson buys it for £300, but has to borrow.
1848 23 Sept Sydney Closure of the Australian.
1848 2 Oct Sydney First issue of Daily News and Evening Chronicle; ceases 29 Nov
1848 2 Oct Adelaide First issue of the Adelaide Times. Weekly.
1848 9 Oct Melbourne Port Phillip Patriot becomes Melbourne Daily News.
1849 1 Jan Melbourne Port Phillip Herald becomes a daily (Melbourne’s second) and changes title to the Melbourne Morning Herald
1849 17 June Sydney First issue of Sunday Times, Australia's first designated Sunday paper; published by Thomas Revel Johnson; survived only three or four issues.
1849 18 June Melbourne Argus becomes a daily, Melbourne’s third
1849 9 Sept Sydney First issue of the Australian Sportsman.
1849 13 Nov Geelong Geelong Advertiser becomes Australia’s first provincial daily.
1850 1 Jan Adelaide South Australian Register appears as a daily for the second time.
1850 26 Jan Hobart First issue of the Irish Exile: Freedom’s Advocate; ceases 12 April 1851.
1850 1 April Adelaide The Times, Adelaide (formerly the Adelaide Times) becomes a daily (until Sat 29 November 1851, then weekly [Sat]).
1850 19 July Brisbane First issue of Moreton Bay Free Press.
1850 Oct Tanunda SA First issue of Deutsche Zeitung fur Sudaustralien. Ceases March 1851.
1850 28 Dec Sydney First issue of the Empire. Launched by Henry Parkes. Daily from 20 Jan 1851.


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