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Your support makes a real difference.

Philanthropic support helps the Library to manage, develop, preserve, digitise and deliver its documentary heritage collections to the widest possible audience, both online and onsite.  

The Library’s priority is the digitisation of its collections. This year, specific appeals have included support for the preservation and digitisation of papers of the Australian Federation of Women Voters (AFWV). Generous gifts were also received in support of digitising selections from a number of collections, including our Performing Arts, Visual Art and Music collections. Donors are acknowledged at the following gift levels: 

  • Principal Patron: gifts of $1,000,000 and above; 
  • Platinum Patron: gifts of $250,000 and above; 
  • Gold Patron: gifts of $100,000 and above; 
  • Silver Patron: gifts of $25,000 and above; 
  • Bronze Patron: gifts of $10,000 and above; 
  • Patron: gifts of $1,000 and above; and 
  • Donor: gifts up to $1,000.  

The Library gratefully acknowledges the generosity and support of Patrons and donors.  

Listed below are Patrons who have given to the fund since its inception in 2009 and donors who have given during 2020-21. (An asterisk beside a name in the lists below indicates Patrons who donated during 2020-21). 

Principal Patrons

Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation
Estate of Mr John Gilbert   
Ms Jane Hemstritch*  
The Ian Potter Foundation  
Stokes Family  
Mr Kerry Stokes AC and Ms Christine Simpson Stokes AM  
Mr Ryan Kerry Stokes AO and Mrs Claire Stokes  
The Susan and Isaac Wakil Foundation*  
Estate of Mr Harold S. Williams OBE 

Platinum Patrons 

Estate of Ms Maxine Poynton Baker  
Ms Juliana Smeaton Edwards  
Friends of the National Library of Australia Inc.*  
Dr Michael Kassler and Dr Jamie Kassler*  
Estate of Lady Joan Lindsay*   
Estate of Miss Alison E. Grant Lipp  
Mrs Pat McCann   
The Myer Foundation   
Sidney Myer Fund   
John T. Reid Charitable Trusts   
Dr John Seymour and Mrs Heather Seymour AO*  
TLE Electrical*  
Ms Simone Vinall   

Gold Patrons

Associate Professor Noel Dan AM and Mrs Adrienne Dan*
Australian Ethical Food Group*  
Dick and Pip Smith Foundation*  
Professor Henry Ergas and Gillian Bird PSM  
Harold Mitchell Foundation  
Kenyon Foundation  
Macquarie Group Foundation Limited  
The late Ms Helen James and the late Dr Henry James Bettison  
Estate of Mr Alan Ives*  
Mr Robert Maynard  
Mr Kevin McCann AO and Mrs Deidre McCann  
Minerals Council of Australia  
Estate of Dr Ann Moyal AM*  
Planet Wheeler Foundation  
The late Mrs Alison Sanchez  
Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich AM FAHA and Mr Stephen Yorke  
Mr Doug Snedden AO and Ms Belinda Snedden*  
Associate Professor Linnett Turner and Associate Professor David Turner  
Thyne Reid Foundation
One supporter gave anonymously.   

Silver Patrons

Professor Kent Anderson*
Australian Jewish Historical Society*  
Dr Marie-Louise Ayres FAHA and Dr Russell Ayres*  
Mr Jim Bain AM and Mrs Janette Bain  
Dr Diana J. Carroll*  
Dr R.L. Cope PSM*  
The late Mr Victor Crittenden OAM  
Mr Christopher Edye in honour of George Henry Bruce  
Ms Catherine Hope Gordon*  
Gordon Darling Foundation  
Dr Ron Houghton DFC and the late Mrs Nanette Houghton  
Estate of Mr Ralf Iannuzzi*  
Professor Joyce Kirk and Dr Terry Kirk*  
Mr David Lesnie*  
The late Ms Marjorie Lindenmayer  
The Linnaeus Estate  
Lovell Chen Pty Ltd*  
The late Mr James O. Fairfax AC  
The MacLeod Family Trust  
Dr Thomas Mautner*  
Miss Carol Moya Mills  
Mr Simon Moore  
Mrs Glennis Moss and the late Dr Kenneth Moss AM  
Origin Foundation  
Mrs Patricia Peck and the late Mr Nigel Peck AM  
Pratt Foundation  
Emeritus Professor Alan Robson AO and Mrs Gwenda Robson*  
Mrs Margaret Ross AM and Dr Ian Ross  
Emeritus Professor Dr Robert Shanks and Ms Josephine Shanks*
In memory of the late Ms Della Keren Thomas  
Wesfarmers Limited  
Mr Geoffrey White OAM and Mrs Sally White OAM*  
Five supporters gave anonymously.   

Bronze Patrons

Dr Marion Amies*  
Dr John M. Bennett AO*  
Besen Family Foundation*  
Mrs Eva Besen AO and Mr Marc Besen AC  
Mrs Alison J. Bloomfield  
The Hon. Justice Thomas Bradley QC*  
Dr Desmond Bright and Dr Ruth Bright AM  
Ms Kristal Claasz  
In memory of the late Mrs Mavis Thorpe Clark  
Dr Patricia Clarke OAM, FAHA*  
Mr John Collins*  
Ms Christine Courtenay AM and the late Mr Bryce Courtenay AM  
Dr Joanne Daly and Dr Michael Adena*  
The Lord Ebury and the late Lady Ebury*  
Embassy of Israel in Australia*  
Mrs D.F. Exon and Dr N.F. Exon*  
Mr John Fairfax AO and Mrs Libby Fairfax  
Mr Tim Fairfax AC  
Mr James Ferguson  
The Hon. Martin Ferguson AM  
The late Lieutenant Colonel M.A. Fletcher JP  
Mr Philip Flood AO and Mrs Carole Flood  
Ms J.L. Fullerton AO*  
Sir James Gobbo AC, CVO  
Mrs Claudia Hyles OAM*  
Liberty Financial  
Mr Brian Long and Ms Cathy Long  
Manors Gate Group Pty Ltd  
The Hon. Dr Brett Mason*  
Mr Peter McGovern AM*  
Mrs Janet McDonald AO and Mr Donald McDonald AC  
Mr Bruce Miller*  
Ms Penelope Moyes on behalf of Judy and Peter Moyes*  
Mr Baillieu Myer AC and Mrs Sarah Myer*  
Mrs Maria Myers AC  
National Union of Australian University Students and Australian Union of Students Alumni*  
Mr Eitan Neishlos and Ms Lee Levi*  
Professor Colin Nettelbeck FAHA and Mrs Carol Nettelbeck  
Mr John Oliver and Mrs Libby Oliver*  
Ms Meg Paul  
Dr Fiona Powell  
Ms Dianne Redwood and Mr Denis Foot*  
Professor Janice Reid AC, FASSA*  
Mrs Diana Ritch and Mr Jack Ritch*  
Dr Maxine Rochester*  
Ms Kay Rodda*  
Mr Robin V.F. Smith  
The Hon. James Spigelman AC, QC*  
Mr Howard Tanner AM  
Ms Deborah Thomas  
Mr Robert Thomas AO*  
Ms Tricia Waller  
Mrs Joy Wheatley and Mr Norman Wheatley*  
Wong Family*  
Zimmermann International Pty Ltd*  
Seven supporters gave anonymously. 

Founding Patrons

Dr Marion Amies*
Mrs Phoebe Bischoff OAM
Mrs Josephine Calaby
Dr R.L. Cope PSM*
The late Mr Victor Crittenden OAM
The late Ms Lauraine Diggins OAM
The late Lady Ebury
Mr Andrew Freeman FACS*
Ms J. L. Fullerton AO*
Griffith 8 Book Group
Mrs Claudia Hyles OAM*
Professor Joyce Kirk and Dr Terry Kirk*
Dr Jan Lyall PSM
Mrs Vacharin McFadden and Mr Robert McFadden
Mr Peter McGovern AM*
Mrs Glennis Moss and the late Dr Kenneth Moss AM
Mr John Oliver and Mrs Libby Oliver*
Mrs P. P. Pickering
Emeritus Professor Alan Robson AO and Mrs Gwenda Robson*
Ms Kay Rodda*
Rotru Investments Pty Ltd for Mrs Eve Mahlab AO and Mr Frank Mahlab*
Mrs Angela Thorn and the late Mr Bill Thorn
Mr John Ulm and Mrs Valda Ulm
Ms Lucille Warth
Three supporters donated anonymously. 

The National Library thanks the many generous individuals and organisations who have contributed material to the Library’s collection.