The National Library is a resource for all Australians no matter where you are in the country you can jump on our website and access quality information and resources. (rocket sound)

Get your free library card to get the most out of our services. Use the catalogue to see what we have in our collection. Many things can only be used in the library but if it's online there will be a link to it from the catalogue.

e-resources lets you browse and find online information on any subject. Use your library card to access academic papers, e-books and online newspapers.

Trove is a great service for finding online material especially pictures, maps and historic Australian newspapers. If there's something you want that's not on-line then there are other options to get it. Trove is also a free search service. Use it to check if the item you want is available at a library near you. If you can't get it locally you might be able to order a copy. Check out our video on Copies Direct for how to get a photocopy or organise an inter-library loan.

Visit our website to find all these services and more including our guides on a range of research topics

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