Information about the Library’s functions, objectives, policies and activities can be found in the documents listed below. Most policy documents are available on the Library’s website.


Commonwealth Authorities and Companies
Act 1997 

National Library Act 1960

National Library Regulations (1994)

Portfolio Budget Statement

Public Service Act 1999

Strategic and Operational

Balanced Scorecard 

Building Long Term Strategic Management
Plan (2009)

Business Continuity Framework (2012)

IT Strategic Plan (2012–15)

Risk Management Register (2011)

Social Media Policy (2010–12)

Strategic Directions 2012–14 

Strategic Workforce Plan (2012–14)


Collection Development Policy (2008)


Cataloguing Authority Control Policy (2011)

Cataloguing Policy (2011)


Acceptable Use of Information and Communications Technology Policy (2011)

Collection Digitisation Policy (2009)


Collection Disaster Plan (2012)

Digital Preservation Policy (2012)

Policy on Participation in Cooperative Microfilming Projects with Other
Institutions (2010)

Policy on Preservation Copying of Collection Materials (2007)

Preservation Policy (2009)

Service Charter

Policy on Handling Complaints and Other User Feedback (2011) 

Service Charter (2011)

Reader Services

Code of Conduct for Readers and Visitors (2011) 

Information and Research Services Policy (2011)

Corporate Services

Disability Framework (2011) 

Enterprise Agreement (2011–14)

Environmental Management System (2011)

Fraud Control Plan (2012–13)

Protective Security Policy and Procedures (2006)

User Charging Policy (2011)

Public Programs

Events Policy (2011)

Exhibitions Loans Policy (2011) 

Exhibitions Policy (2011)

Learning Policy (2011)

Policy on Sponsorship and Fundraising (2006)

Publications Policy (2012)

Volunteer Program Policy (2010)