The National Library of Australia Fund, launched in 2009, helps the Library to manage, describe, preserve, digitise and deliver our documentary heritage collections to the widest possible audience, both online and from the main building.  

National Library of Australia Fund donors are acknowledged at the following gift levels:

  • Platinum Patron—gifts of $100,000 and above
  • Gold Patron—gifts of $50,000 and above
  • Silver Patron—gifts of $25,000 and above
  • Bronze Patron—gifts of $10,000 and above
  • Patron—gifts of $1,000 and above
  • Donor—gifts up to $1,000

The Library gratefully acknowledges the generosity and support of patrons and donors.
Listed below are patrons who have given to the fund since its inception in 2009 and donors who have given during 2011–12.

Silver Patrons

Dr Ron Houghton DFC and Mrs Nanette Houghton

One supporter has donated anonymously at this level

Bronze Patrons

Associate Professor Noel Dan AM and Mrs Adrienne Dan

Ms Jane Hemstritch

One supporter has donated anonymously at this level.


Dr Marion Amies

Arkajon Communications Pty Ltd

Mr Sam Bartone

Mrs Jennifer Batrouney SC

Mrs Phoebe Bischoff OAM

Mrs Josephine Calaby

Emeritus Professor David Carment AM

Dr Patricia Clarke OAM 

Mr Victor Crittenden OAM

Ms Lauraine Diggins

The Lady Ebury

Dr Suzanne Falkiner

Mr Andrew Freeman

Ms Jan Fullerton AO

Ms Christina Goode PSM

Mrs Claudia Hyles

Ms Anna Katzmann

Dr Terry Kirk and Professor Joyce Kirk

Ms Marjorie Lindenmayer

Dr Jan Lyall PSM

Ms Janet Manuell SC

Mrs Vacharin McFadden

Mr Peter McGovern AM

Capt. Paul J. McKay

Ms Fiona McLeod SC

Dr Kenneth Moss AM and Mrs Glennis Moss

Ms Jane Needham SC

Mr John Oliver and Mrs Libby Oliver

Dr Melissa A. Perry QC

Mrs Pamela Pickering

Professor Alan Robson AM

Miss Kay Rodda

Professor Michael Roe

Ms Chris Ronalds AM, SC

Mrs Margaret S. Ross AM

Rotru Investments Pty Ltd for Mrs Eve Mahlab AO

Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich and Mr Stephen Yorke

The Reverend Garth Shaw

Mr William Thorn and Mrs Angela Thorn

Mr John Ulm and Mrs Valda Ulm

Mr Gerald Walsh MA

Ms Lucille Warth

Ms Laura Wells

Mrs Joy Wheatley

Mr A.G.D White OAM

Dr Michael W. Young

Five supporters have donated anonymously at this level 


Alexandra Club, Melbourne

Mr Kim Allen

Mrs Patricia Allen

Mrs Margaret Astbury

Ms Virginia Berger

Ms Baiba Berzins

Mr Udai N. Bhati

Mr Richard Blavins

Ms Emily Booker

Mr John Brook

Ms Allison Brouwer

Mr William Brown

Mr David Burke OAM

Associate Professor John Carmody

Ms Jennifer Carrington

Ms Marianne Cavanagh

Mr John Chapman

Mr Joseph Clarke

Dr Diana Wood Conroy

Mrs Mary Crean 

Mr B.R. Crisp

Mr Edward Crook

Ms Debra Cunningham

Ms Merl Cuzens

Mr J.W. de B. Persse

Dr Bronwen Douglas

The Hon. Robert J. Ellicott QC

Dr Neville Exon

Mrs Helen Ferber

Mr Dennis Forte 

Ms Saw Gaik Khong

Ms Milena Gates

Mrs Elizabeth Gilchrist

Ms Sylvia Glanville

Mr Harry Gordon CMG, AM

Dr Tom Griffiths

Mrs Sarah Guest

Justice Roger V. Gyles AO

Mrs Isobel E. Hamilton

Professor Margaret Harris

Mr Brian Hickey

Ms Sara Hood

Mrs Jill Hutson

Mr Paul Jones 

Ms Joan Kennedy

Mr Peter Kennedy 

Mr David Kennemore

Dr James S. Kerr AM

Dr Ruth Kerr OAM

Mr Gordon Kerry

Professor Wallace Kirsop

Ms Bron Kolano

Mr Geoff Ledger DSC

Ms Elizabeth MacDonald

Mrs Svetlana Manns

Mr Robert B. Mark JP

Mrs Margaret J Mashford

Emeritus Professor Isabel McBryde AO

Dr Ken McCracken

Dr Donald F. McMichael AM

Dr Stephen McNamara

Mr Rob Milliken

Mrs Mary Mitchell

Ms Marion Newman

Mr Robert K. O’Connor QC

Mr F K Overheu and Mrs Helen Overheu

Mrs Elaine Pearson

Ms M.E. Phillips

Mrs Cathy Pilgrim and Mr Steven Anderson

Mrs Winsome Plumb

Dr Peter Pockley

Mr Bryce Ponsford

Mr Chester Porter QC

Ms Gillian Pratt

Mrs Dorothy Prescott OAM and Mr Victor Prescott

Professor Emeritus Wilfrid Prest

Mrs Anne S. Prins

Dr Peter J. Puszet

Mr John Quaid

Emeritus Professor John Ramsland OAM

Mrs Elizabeth Richardson OAM

Ms Katherine R. Rivett

Mr William Rutledge and Mrs Julia Rutledge

Mrs Florine Simon

Mrs Aileen Sproule

Mr Peter Spyropoulos and Mrs Maria Spyropoulos

Mrs Helene Stead

Dr Jennifer Strauss AM

Mr Charles Stuart and Mrs Gay Stuart

Mrs Rhonda Thiele

Mrs Doris Thompson

Mr Sam Ure-Smith OAM

Mrs Sheila Waters

Ms Margaret Watts

Mr Kerry Webb and Mrs Judith Webb

Ms Mary-Louise Weight

Dr Auriol Weigold

Mr Doug Wickens

The Reverend Dr Robert S.M. Withycombe

Ms Helen White

Miss Helen Woodger

Twenty-two supporters have donated anonymously at this level