Treasures Gallery Appeal

The generosity and support of many individuals and organisations has made possible a new permanent exhibition space within the Library. The Treasures Gallery, which opened in October 2011, showcases selections from the Library’s significant, rare and often surprising collections. Early maps and atlases, books, manuscripts, paintings, drawings, photographs and objects all feature in the Treasures Gallery—from James Cook’s Endeavour journal to William Bligh’s list of mutineers, from Patrick White’s glasses to an original manuscript for Waltzing Matilda. Since opening, the Treasures Gallery has quickly become an important part of Australia’s cultural life.

Treasures Gallery Partners are acknowledged at the following gift levels:

  • Principal Treasures Gallery Partner—$1 million and above
  • Platinum Treasures Gallery Partner—$250,000 and above
  • Gold Treasures Gallery Partner—$100,000 and above
  • Silver Treasures Gallery Partner—$50,000 and above
  • Bronze Treasures Gallery Partner—$25,000 and above
  • Opal Treasures Gallery Partner—$10,000 and above
  • Jade Treasures Gallery Partner—$5,000 and above
  • Amber Treasures Gallery Partner—up to $5,000

The individuals and organisations listed below have collectively contributed more than $3 million to the Treasures Gallery Appeal since it commenced in 2001. Many other individual supporters also contributed generously through the Exhibitions Donation Box. The Library gratefully acknowledges and appreciates their generosity and vision. With the opening of the Treasures Gallery in 2011, this appeal is now closed.

Principal Treasures Gallery Partner

The Ian Potter Foundation

Platinum Treasures Gallery Partners

AAMI Limited

John T. Reid Charitable Trusts

Sidney Myer Fund

Gold Treasures Gallery Partners


Dr James Bettison and Ms Helen James

Professor Henry Ergas

Harold Mitchell Foundation

Macquarie Group Foundation

Mr Kevin McCann AM

Thyne Reid Foundation

Silver Treasures Gallery Partner

Friends of the National Library of Australia

Bronze Treasures Gallery Partners

Mr James Bain AM and Mrs Janette Bain

Mr Victor Crittenden OAM

Mr James O. Fairfax AC

Opal Treasures Gallery Partners

F. and J. Ryan Foundation

Mr Philip Flood AO and Mrs Carole Flood

GHD Pty Ltd*

Dr Kenneth Moss AM and Mrs Glennis Moss

Jade Treasures Gallery Partners

Ms Cynthia Anderson

Dr Desmond Bright and Dr Ruth Bright AM

Mr Michael Heard and Mrs Mary Heard

Mr Robert Hill-Ling AO and Mrs Rosemary Hill-Ling OAM

Mrs Claudia Hyles

Mr Baillieu Myer AC and Mrs Sarah Myer

Miss Kay Rodda

Mrs Mary Louise Simpson

Mr John Uhrig AC and Mrs Shirley Uhrig

One supporter donated anonymously at this level

Amber Treasures Gallery Partners

Mr Karl Alderson

Dr Marion Amies

Ms Nolene Baker

Mr Shane Baker and Ms Linda Pearson

Ms Lucy Bantermalis

Mr and Mrs R.N. Barnett

Dr Pamela Bell OAM

Mrs Jessie Bennett

Mrs Maree Bentley and Mr Geoffrey Bentley

Ms Wendy Bertony

Ms Baiba Berzins

Mr Udai N. Bhati

Mrs Phoebe Bischoff OAM

Mrs Rita M. Bishop

Ashurst (formerly Blake Dawson Waldron)

Mr Kevin J. Blank

Mr Warwick Bradney

Mrs Mary Brennan

Sir Ron Brierley

Mr John H. Brook

Ms Megan Brown

Dr Robert Brown

Dr Thomas Brown AM

Dr Geoffrey A. Burkhardt

Ms Sheila Byard

Mr Graeme Camage and Mrs Elaine Camage

Mr Clyde Cameron AO

Mrs Jennie Cameron

Dr John J. Carmody

Ms Jennifer Carrington

Dr Diana Carroll

Dr Patricia Clarke OAM, FAHA

Mr G. Colson

Dr Veronica Condon

Ms Barbara Connell

Dr Russell Cope PSM

Professor James Cotton

CRA International

Mr Brian R. Crisp

Ms Debra Cunningham

Mr Brian Davidson

Dr Mary Dickenson

Mr Norman Dickins

Ms Rita Dodson

Ms Naomi Doessel

Ms Chris Dormer

Ms Melanie Drake

Mr Ian Dudgeon and Mrs Kay Stoquart

Mr Peter Duffy

Ms Jeanette Dunkley

Ms Kristen Durran

Ms Ennis Easton

Mr Greg Ellway

Mrs Pauline Fanning ISO, MBE

Professor Frank Fenner AC, CMG, MBE

Mrs Shirley Fisher

Mr Anthony Francombe and Mrs Roma Francombe

Dr Donald Gibson

Mr Ross Gibson and Mrs Rellie Gibson

Ms Margot Girle

Ms Sylvia Glanville

Ms Erica Gray

Ms Sue Gray

Mr Jacob Grossbard

Ms K.E. Halfpenny

Mr and Mrs Warren Harding

Mr John Hawkins and Mrs Robyn Hawkins

Ms Marion Hicks

Ms Tracey Hind

Mrs Janet Holmes à Court AO

Dr Stephen Holt

Mrs J.M. Hooper

Mr Neville Horne and Mrs Noreen Horne

Dr Ron Houghton DFC and Mrs Nanette Houghton

Dr Anthea Hyslop

In memory of Mr Reginald Fox and Mrs Phyllis Fox

In memory of Mr Noel Potter

Mr Ashton Johnston

Ms Ruth S. Kerr

Ms A.J. Kitchin

Ms Kaye Lawrence

Mr Paul Legge-Wilkinson and Mrs Beryl Legge-Wilkinson

Mr Andrew Ligertwood and Mrs Virginia Ligertwood

Ms Nina Loder

Ms Louise Luscombe

Mr Donald McDonald AC and Mrs Janet McDonald AO

Dr Rosemary McKenna

Mr G. Meldrum

Mrs Denyse Merchant

Mrs Eveline K. Milne

Mrs Mary Mitchell

Ms G. Morrison

Mr Claude Neumann

Ms Michelle Nichols

Ms Margaret Nixon

Mr John Oliver and Mrs Libby Oliver

Mrs Janette Owen

Mr Angus Paltridge and Mrs Gwen Paltridge

Ms Penny Pardoe-Matthews

Mr J.W. de B. Persse

Lady Joyce Price

Qantas Airways Limited

The Hon. Margaret Reid AO

Mr Chris Richardson and Mrs Cathy Richardson

Mrs Elizabeth Richardson OAM

Mr Jack Ritch and Mrs Diana Ritch 

Ms Colleen Rivers

Mrs Patricia Roberts

Mrs Pamela Robinson 

Professor Alan Robson AM

Mr Alan Rose AO and Mrs Helen Rose

Ms Jane Sandilands

Ms Jude Savage

Mr Graham Scully

Mrs Florine Simon

Ms Jill Smith

Mrs Jane Smyth

Mr Gavin Souter AO and Mrs Ngaire Souter

Mr David Sparrow

Mr Peter Spyropoulos

Mrs Elinor Swan

Mr Jack Taylor and Mrs Jess Taylor

Mr K. Temperley

Mrs Dossie Thompson

Mr Bill Thorn and Mrs Angela Thorn 

Mrs Helen Todd

Mr Anthony Triado

Mrs Geraldine Triffitt

Ms Lisa Turner

Mr J. Visione

Mr Brian Wall and Mrs Margaret Wall

Dr John O. Ward

Ms Kylie Waring and Mr Tim Dyke

Ms Lucille Warth

Mr Sam Weiss and Mrs Judy Weiss

Ms Eve White

Mr Richard White

Professor Robin Woods AM

Words Discussion Group

Four supporters donated anonymously at this level

* Indicates contributors who supplied goods and/or services

Treasures Gallery Support Fund

Individuals and organisations who contribute to the Treasures Gallery Support Fund help the Library to put Australians in touch with Australia’s greatest treasures and the story of our nation’s journey. The fund enables the Library to produce imaginative access programs, provide opportunities for exploring the Treasures Gallery online and respond to inquiring young minds by developing education initiatives based on the gallery.

In 2011–12, the following people generously assisted the Library to achieve these goals:

Dr Marion Amies

Mr Udai N. Bhati

Dr Desmond Bright and Dr Ruth Bright AM

Mr Robert Hill-Ling AO and Mrs Rosemary Hill-Ling OAM

Mrs J.M. Hooper

Ms Katherine Hunter

Dr Ruth S. Kerr OAM

Mrs Pamela Robinson

Dr Maxine Rochester

Mr Alan Rose AO and Mrs Helen Rose

Mrs Nea Storey

Ms Mary-Louise Weight

One supporter donated anonymously to this fund.