AASBAustralian Accounting Standards Board
ANBDAustralian National Bibliographic Database
APIapplication programming interface
APSAustralian Public Service
CAC ActCommonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997
CSSCommonwealth Superannuation Scheme
CDNLConference of Directors of National Libraries
CMGCorporate Management Group
DLIRDigital Library Infrastructure Replacement
EAEnterprise Agreement
EAPEnvironmental Action Plan
ERAElectronic Resources Australia
FBTfringe benefits tax
FMOsFinance Minister’s Orders
FOI ActFreedom of Information Act 1982
GSTgoods and services tax
IFLAInternational Federation of Library Associations
ILMSIntegrated Library Management System
IPSInformation Publication Scheme
ITinformation technology
NLANational Library of Australia
NSLANational and State Libraries Australasia
ONIXOnline Information eXchange
PSSPublic Sector Superannuation Scheme
PSSapPSS accumulation plan
RDAResource Description and Access
SESsenior executive staff
WHSwork health and safety