The National Library of Australia Fund helps the Library to manage, develop, preserve, digitise and deliver its documentary heritage collections to the widest possible audience, both online and onsite.

This year, specific campaigns have included the medieval manuscripts preservation and digitisation project, and support for the Library’s national discovery service, Trove.

The National Library of Australia Fund donors are acknowledged at the following gift levels:

  • Principal Patron: gifts of $1,000,000 and above;

  • Platinum Patron: gifts of $250,000 and above;

  • Gold Patron: gifts of $100,000 and above;

  • Silver Patron: gifts of $25,000 and above;

  • Bronze Patron: gifts of $10,000 and above;

  • Patron: gifts of $1,000 and above;

  • Donor: gifts up to $1,000.

The Library gratefully acknowledges the generosity and support of Patrons and donors.

Listed below are Patrons who have given to the fund since its inception in 2009 and donors who have given during 2014–15. (An asterisk beside a name in the lists below indicates Patrons who donated during 2014–15.)

Principal Patrons

Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

Platinum Patrons

Mrs Pat McCann*

Ms Simone Vinall*

Gold Patrons

Friends of the National Library of Australia*

Mr Kevin McCann AM and
Mrs Deidre McCann*

Macquarie Group Foundation Limited*

Planet Wheeler Foundation

The late Mrs Alison Sanchez*

Dr John Seymour and Dr Heather Seymour AO*

Mr Ryan Stokes*

Silver Patrons

Dr Diana Carroll*

Associate Professor Noel Dan AM and
Mrs Adrienne Dan*

Dick and Pip Smith Foundation

Ms Catherine Hope Gordon*

Ms Jane Hemstritch*

Dr Ron Houghton DFC and the late
Mrs Nanette Houghton

Minerals Council of Australia

Origin Foundation

Mr Nigel Peck AM and Mrs Patricia Peck

Dr Ian C. Ross and Mrs Margaret S. Ross AM*

Ms Josephine Shanks and Emeritus Professor Dr Robert Shanks*

Mr Doug Snedden and Ms Belinda Snedden*

In memory of the late Ms Della Keren Thomas*

Wesfarmers Limited

Mr Stephen Yorke*

Three supporters donated anonymously.

Bronze Patrons

Mr Jim Bain AM and Mrs Janette Bain

Mrs Alison J. Bloomfield

In memory of the late Mavis Thorpe Clark*

Ms Christine Courtenay AM and the late
Mr Bryce Courtenay AM

Mr John Fairfax AO and Mrs Libby Fairfax

Mr Tim Fairfax AC*

Mr James Ferguson

The Hon. Martin Ferguson AM and
Ms Patricia Waller*

Sir James Gobbo AC, CVO

Mr John M. Green*

Dr Joyce Kirk and Dr Terry Kirk*

Liberty Financial

Ms Marjorie Lindenmayer*

Mr Brian Long and Ms Cathy Long*

Lovell Chen*

Mrs Janet McDonald AO and
Mr Donald McDonald AC*

Mr Simon Moore*

The late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC, DBE

The Myer Foundation*

Mrs Maria Myers AO

Ms Meg Paul

Professor Janice Reid AC, FASSA*

Mr Jack Ritch and Mrs Diana Ritch

Emeritus Professor Alan Robson AO*

Mr Robin V.F. Smith

The Hon. James Spigelman AC*

Dr Fiona Powell

Ms Deborah Thomas*

Mr A.G.D. White OAM and
Mrs Sally White OAM

Two supporters donated anonymously.

Founding Patrons

Dr Marion Amies*

Mrs P. Bischoff OAM*

Mrs Josephine Calaby

Dr R.L. Cope PSM*

The late Mr Victor Crittenden OAM

Ms Lauraine Diggins*

The Lady Ebury*

Mr Andrew Freeman

Ms J.L. Fullerton AO

Griffith 8 Book Group

Mrs Claudia Hyles

Dr Joyce Kirk and Dr Terry Kirk

Dr Jan Lyall PSM

Mrs V. McFadden*

Mr Peter McGovern AM*

Mrs Glennis Moss and the late
Dr Kenneth Moss AM

Mr John Oliver and Mrs Libby Oliver*

Mrs P.P. Pickering

Emeritus Professor Alan Robson AO and
Mrs Gwenda Robson

Miss Kay Rodda*

Rotru Investments Pty Ltd for Mrs Eve Mahlab AO and Mr Frank Mahlab*

Mrs Angela Thorn and the late Mr Bill Thorn

Mr John Ulm and Mrs Valda Ulm

Ms Lucille Warth

Three supporters donated anonymously.


Ake Ake Fund

Mr Steven Anderson and Ms Cathy Pilgrim*

Mrs Sue Andrew*

Ms Joanna Baevski

Mr Sam Bartone

Mrs Jennifer Batrouney SC

The Hon. Justice Annabelle Bennett AO and Dr David Bennett AC, QC

Ms Baiba Berzins

Professor Geoffrey Blainey AC

Mr Max Bourke AM and Ms Margaret Bourke*

Mr Charles Bright and Mrs Primrose Bright

Dr Desmond Bright and Dr Ruth Bright AM*

Dr Elizabeth Brouwer

Mr H.M. Brown and Ms J.E. Brown*

Emeritus Professor Mairead Browne FALIA
and Dr David Browne*

Dr Geoffrey Cains

Mrs Jennie Cameron*

The Reverend Edmund Campion*

Dr Edmund Capon AM, OBE and
Mrs Joanna Capon OAM

Mr Michael Carlton*

Emeritus Professor David Carment AM*

Dr J.J. Carmody*

CIMIC Group Limited

Dr Patricia Clarke OAM, FAHA*

Mr Andrew G. Connor*

Professor James Cotton*

Mrs Helen Creagh*

Professor Robert Cribb*

Mrs Gloria Cumming

Mr Charles P. Curran AC and Mrs Eva Curran

Ms Perri Cutten and Mr Jo Daniell

Mrs Rowena Danziger AM and
Mr Ken Coles AM

Dr Michelle Deaker

The Hon. Mary Delahunty*

Dr Annie Duncan and Mr Peter Duncan

Ms Jane Edmanson OAM*

The Hon. R.J. Ellicott QC

Dr Suzanne Falkiner

Mrs Maureen Fisher

Lt Col (Ret’d) M.A. Fletcher JP

Mr Denis Foot and Ms Dianne Redwood

Ms Christine Goode PSM*

Ms Grazia Gunn and Emeritus Professor
Ian Donaldson FAHA, FBA, FRSE

The Hon. Roger Gyles AO, QC*

Professor Margaret Harris*

Mr Colin Hauff*

Mr Peter Henderson AC and
Mrs Heather Henderson

The Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra Inc.*

Dr Basil S. Hetzel*

Dr Marian Hill*

Mr Robert Hill-Ling AO and
Mrs Rosemary Hill-Ling OAM*

Mrs Rosanna Hindmarsh OAM

Inside History*

The Kenyon Family*

The late Dr J.S. Kerr AM

Mr James Kidd*

Mr Robert Kirby and Mrs Mem Kirby OAM*

Mr Lou Klepac OAM and
Mrs Brenda Klepac


Dame Leonie Kramer AC, OBE*

Dr Elizabeth Lawson*

Mr Frank Lewincamp and
Ms Barbara Lewincamp*

Dr F. Lilley and Mrs P. Lilley

The Linnaeus Estate*

Ms Robyn McAdam*

The late Capt. Paul J. McKay

Emeritus Professor Campbell Macknight

Ms Fiona McLeod SC

Mr Ronald McLeod AM

Mr Simon McMillan*

Ms Janet Manuell SC

Ms Kathleen Marshall

Dr Rod Marston*

Mr Julian Martyn and Ms Linda Sproul

Sir Anthony Mason AC, KBE, GBM

Dr Thomas Mautner*

Mr Baillieu Myer AC and Mrs Sarah Myer*

Ms Jane Needham SC

Professor Colin Nettelbeck FAHA and
Mrs Carol Nettelbeck*

Ms Marion Newman*

Professor Brian O’Keeffe AO

Dr Melissa A. Perry QC

Mr Chester Porter QC*

Lady Potter AC, CMRI*

The Hon. Margaret Reid AO

Mr Ian Renard*

Dr Craig J. Reynolds FAHA*

The late Mrs E. Richardson OAM

Mr G. Robinson and Mrs B. Robinson*

Mr Geoffrey Robinson and Ms Julie Burdis

Dr Maxine Rochester*

Emerita Professor Jill Roe AO*

Professor Michael Roe

The Rome Family

Ms Christine Ronalds AM, SC

Mr Alan Rose AO and Mrs Helen Rose*

Mr William Rutledge and Mrs Julia Rutledge*

Mr Bob Santamaria*

The Hon. Joseph Santamaria*

The late H. Maurice Saxby AM*

The Reverend G.T. Shaw and Mrs J.D. Shaw*

Mr Stephen Shelmerdine and Mrs Kate Shelmerdine

Mr Tony Shepherd AO

Mrs Mary Simpson

Dr Kerry Smith*

Mr Ezekiel Solomon AM*

Mrs Helene L. Stead*

Associate Professor Bruce Steele AM*

Mr Howard Tanner AM*

Mr Arnold Thomas

Mr Robert Thomas AM

Dr Bernadette Tobin and
Mr Terence Tobin QC*

Ms Lisa Turner

The late Mr Gerald Walsh MA

Ms Alexandra Wedutenko*

Ms Joy Wheatley and Mr Norman Wheatley*

Dr Peter White

Mr Marie Wood and Mrs Greg Wood*

Dr Malcolm Wood

Dr Michael W. Young

Eleven supporters donated anonymously.

Donors 2014–15

Mrs Heather Abbott and
Mr Christopher Abbott

Professor Donald H. Akenson

Dr Cynthia Allen

Mrs Patricia Allen

Mr Chris Ansted and Ms Angelika Dunker

Mr Quentin Anthony

Associate Professor John Arnold

Mr Peter Ashen

Mrs Margaret Astbury

Professor Peter Bailey AM, OBE

Mrs Nolene Baker

Mr John Balmford and Mrs Dagnija Balmford

Mr Graeme Barrow

Sister M. Barry

Ms Virginia Berger

Ms Pamela Best

Mr U.N. Bhati

Miss Judith Bibo

Ms Kerry Blackburn

Emeritus Professor R. Blackburn AC

Ms Deborah Bosman

Ms Rosemarie Bourke

Ms Sue Boyce

Mr Warwick Bradney

Ms Robyn Braithwaite and
Dr Richard Braithwaite

Ms Anne Brennan

Mrs Mary E. Brennan

Dr Judith Brett

Bridget McDonnell Gallery

Mr A. Brims and Mrs M. Brims

Mr Alan Brown

Mr Russell Brown

Dr Joan Buchanan AM

Mr Gary Buck and Mrs Sandy Buck

Buderim Craft Cottage Assocation Inc., Calligraphy Group

Mr Geoff Burch

Mr Darren Burgess and Mrs Sue Burgess

Mr David Burke OAM

Dr Geoffrey Burkhardt FACE

Mrs Maureen Burton

Mrs Stephanie Caddies

Ms Frances Callinan

Ms June Cameron

Mr Matt Carkeet

Mrs Sylvia Carr

Mr Robert Carseldine

Ms Marianne Cavanagh

Mr Hugh Chalmers

Mr Ray Chugg

Mr George E. Clark

Mr Lindsay Cleland and Mrs Sylvia Cleland

Ms Caroline Clemente and
Mr Robert Clemente

Miss Margaret Clinch

Ms Louise Coakley

Ms Pamela Collett

Miss Winsome Collingridge

Mrs Christine Collingwood

Mrs Corinne Collins

Mrs Alison Copeman

Dr Peter Crabb

Mr Nicholas Craft and Ms Antonia Kasunic

Mr Alan Crooks

Mr Bill Crowle and Ms Mary Crowle

Ms D.K. Cunningham

Mrs Carolyn Curnow and Mr Bill Curnow

Professor Ann Curthoys

Dr Les Davies

Brigadier Phillip Davies AM and
Mrs Sandra Davies

Professor E.D. Daw

Dr Barbara Dawson

Mrs Robyn Dean

Dr Warren Dent

Mr N.H. Dickins

Mrs Gina Dolphin

Mr M.H. Dowsett

Mr Scott Duggan

Miss Robyn A. Duncan

Ms Heather Dyne

Mr Bill Egan

Dr John Ernst and Ms Bronwyn Herbert

Dr Neville Exon

Mr John Farquharson

Ms Anne Fernandez

Professor Mark Ferson

Mrs Dianne Finch

Mr Brian Fitzpatrick

Mr Peter Flemming

Dr Juliet Flesch

Mr Michael Flynn

Dr Margaret Folkard

Mr Frank Ford and Ms Olwen Ford

Mr Geoff Ford OAM and Mrs Kerrie Ford

Ms Margaret Ford

Ms Judith Forster

Mr Peter Freeman

Professor Robert Freestone

Mrs Audrey Frindle

Mrs Sharon Fritz

Professor Bill Gammage

Dr John Gascoigne

Ms Milena Gates

Miss Katherine Gibbney

Mrs Kay Gibson

Mrs Sandra Gillies

Ms Jenny Gleeson

Rear Admiral James Goldrick AO, CSC, RAN

Ms Jillian Goodge

Mr Andrew Gosling

Dr Elena Govor

Mrs Margaret Greer

Mr Jacob Grossbard

Dr Rob Hall and Dr Adrienne Bennett

Mrs Isobel Hamilton

Mrs Janet Hanslow

Mr Warren Thomas Harding

Mr Eric Harley

Dr Brian Harrap

Mr A.C. Harris

Hawkesbury Family History Group

Ms Susan Heal

Mr Michael Hermes

Dr Peter Heysen

Mr Anthony Hill

Miss Pamela Hill

Ms Meredith Hinchcliffe

Professor M.B. Hooker and
Professor V.G. Hooker

Mr M. Howard

Mr Kim Huett

Mrs Margaret Hughes

Ms Dale Hummer

Mr Gary Humphries

Mr Steve Hyde

Dr Dorothy M. Jenkins

Dr Victoria Jennings

Dr Ian Jobling and Dr Anne Jobling

Dr J.V. Johnson CSC, AAM

Ms Pauline Judd

Ms Joan Kennedy

Dr Rosanne Kennedy

Ms Judith Kennett

Mr Richard Kenyon

Mr Alan G. Kerr

Dr Ruth Kerr OAM

Mr Anthony Ketley and Mrs Rosemary Ketley

Mr Michael Kilmister

Mrs Judith King

Mrs Marian Kingham

Professor Wallace Kirsop

Ms Anne Latreille

Mr William Laurie

Dr Diana Leeder

Professor John Legge AO

Dr Susan Lever

Mr Trevor Lewis

Ms Yuan Yuan Liu

Mr Seth Lockwood

Ms Helen Lucas

Dr Rae Luckie

Mr Michael Lynch and Ms Liz Lynch

Mr Tim McCormick

Mrs Gaylene McCrea

Mrs Patricia Macdonald

Dr Peter McDonald

Mrs Anne McIlory and Mr Tony McIlory

Mr Rod Mackenzie

Miss Hilda Maclean

Dr D.F. McMichael

Ms Robyn McMullen

Mr John Maffey OAM

Mr John B. Malone

Mr Nikolas Margerrison

Mr Robert B. Mark JP

Mr Duncan Marshall

Ms Glenda Martinick

Mrs Margaret J. Mashford

Ms Rebecca Maxwell

Mr Chris Maxworthy

Associate Professor Jenna Mead and Professor Philip Mead

Ms Dawn Melhuish

Mr Jeffrey Miles

Mrs Beverley Miller

Mr Arthur Mitchell and Mrs Mary Mitchell

Mr Simon Mitchell

Mr Bruce Moore

Mr Damien Moore

Mrs Mary Moss

Emeritus Professor John Mulvaney AO, CMG

Mrs M. Murray

Dr Kathleen Neal

Dr Karl Neuenfeldt

Mrs Jenny Noble

Mr D. Nolan and Mrs K. Nolan

Mrs Elizabeth Nunn

Mr M. O’Brien and Ms J. O’Brien

Mr Robert K. O’Connor QC

Mr Terence O’Neill

Dr Jacqueline Orsborne

Ms Kristin Otto

Dr Nina Pangahas

Dr M. Park

Mrs Janette Pelosi

Mr Kenneth Penaluna and
Ms Catherine Elvins

Ms June Penny

Ms Barbara Perry

Mr Jonathan Persse

Mr Mike Petrescu

Mrs Winsome Plumb

Mr Robin Poke AM

Mr George Polites AC, CMG, MBE

Mr Brad Powe

Mr Kenneth Powell

Mrs Anne Prins

Dr Neil Radford

Dr Carolyn Rasmussen

Professor Dimity Reed AM

Mr Richard Reid

Ms Mary Reilly

Professor Matthew Ricketson

Ms Carole Riley

Ms Lynette Robbins

Mrs Patricia Roberts

Mr Philip Roper

Mr John Ryan

Mr Stephen Ryan and Mrs Mary Ryan

The Hon. Susan Ryan

Ms Charlotte Sale

Ms Jane Sandilands

Mr Paul Santamaria

Ms Camille Scaysbrook

Ms Linda Schofield-Olsen

Mrs Alison Scott

Mrs Mary Seefried

Mr W.S. Semple

Ms R.A. Sevenoaks

Ms Cristina Shannon

Ms Mary Sheen

Mrs Lyndal Simmonds AO

Dr Jane Simpson

Ms Barbara Singer

Mrs Beverley Smith

Mr Geoffrey Smith

Miss Helen Smith

Ms Jean Smith

Ms Wendy Smith

Ms Catherine Speck

Mr Dan Sprod OAM

Mr Grant Stainer

Ms Margaret Steinberger

Mrs Elizabeth Steinlein

Mrs Teena Stewart

Ms Robyn Stockfeld

Ms E. Stone

Mr Charles Storey and Mrs Nea Storey

Mr Paul Strasser

Dr Jennifer Strauss AM

Emeritus Professor Hugh Stretton AC
and Mrs Pat Stretton

Dr Nicole Sully

Mrs Elinor Swan

Dr Sue Taffe

Ms Felicity Teague

Mrs Rhonda Thiele

Dr Jeanette Thirlwell and Dr Robert Jones

Mr Grahame Thom

Dr John Thompson

Mr Alan Tierney

Dr Christopher Tiffin and Ms Deborah Turnbull

Miss Caitlin Tobin

Mrs Helen Todd

Ms Helen Tracy

Mrs Geraldine Triffitt

Mr Richard Tulip

Mr Dave Tunbridge

Ms Beth Tyerman

Ms Janice Tynan

Mr Geoffrey Walters

Dr Rowena Ward

Ms Diana Warnock OAM

Ms Jill Waterhouse

Mrs Maggie Watts

Mr Kerry Webb

Dr Ian Welch

Ms Rosalie Whalen

Mrs Barbara White

Ms Wendy Whitham

Mrs Betty Wickens and Mr Doug Wickens

Mrs R. Wiley

Mr G. Wilkenfeld and Mrs B. Wilkenfeld

Dr I.S. Wilkey and Mrs H. Wilkey

Ms Carole Wilkinson

Mr Kevin Wilkinson

Mr D.A. Williams

Mr Evan Williams

Mr Geoffrey Willamson

Ms Dawn Wong

Mr C. Woodland and Mrs V. Woodland

Mr Gerard Woods

Ms Mary Helen Woods

Mrs E. Wyatt and Mr A. Wyatt

Mrs Christine Anne Young

Mr Bruno Yvanovich

Mrs D.R. Zerbe

Ninety-eight supporters donated anonymously.