Balanced Scorecard

A strategic management tool

Libraries Australia

A service providing information about items held by Australian libraries, used by Australian libraries for automated cataloguing and inter-lending; see

logarithmic scale

A scale of measurement in which equal distances on the scale represent equal ratios of increase; for example, with logarithmic scale to the base of 10, the numbers 10, 100 and 1,000 are shown as equal distances on the graph


The results, impacts or consequences of actions by the Australian Government on the Australian community


Australian web archive established by the Library in 1996; see


The proficiency of an agency or authority in acquiring resources economically and using those resources efficiently and effectively in achieving planned outcomes

performance targets

Quantifiable performance levels or changes in level to be attained by a specific date


1,000 terabytes


Relates to the characteristics by which customers or stakeholders judge an organisation, product or service

Reimagining Libraries

An initiative of National and State Libraries Australasia, in which the Library is working with the state and territory libraries and the National Library of New Zealand to transform its library services to better meet user needs in the digital age


1,000 gigabytes


A national discovery service implemented by the Library in November 2009, providing a single point of access to a wide range of traditional and digital content from Australian collections and global information sources