The Library’s senior management structure comprises the Director-General and 6 Assistant Directors-General.

Figure 2.1 shows the Library’s organisational and senior management structure.

Director-General Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich AM; Collections Management Assistant Director-General Ms Amelia McKenzie, Access and Digital Services, Australian Collections Management, Digitisation and Photography, Overseas Collection Management, Preservation Services; National Collections and Reader Services Assistant Director-General Ms Margy Burn, Collection Delivery and Storage, Maps, Oral History and Folklore, Pictures and Manuscripts, Reader Services; National Collections Access Assistant Director-General Dr Marie-Louise Ayres, Collaborative Services, Database Services; Information Technology Assistant Director-General Mr David Wong, Collection Access, Collection Infrastructure, Digital Engagement Support, IT Services; Executive and Public Programs Assistant Director-General Ms Cathy Pilgrim, Community Outreach, Executive Support, Exhibitions, Publications and Sales; Corporate Services Assistant Director-General Mr Gerry Linehan, Accountability and Governance, Building and Security Services, Finance, Human Resources.

Figure 2.1: Organisational and Senior Management Structure, 30 June 2016