As a general principle the Library publishes all of its major policy and planning documents on its website as a means of sharing strategies and approaches with users, the national and international library community and other collecting agencies.

Borrowing material for Exhibitions

Conditions for external loans to exhibitions.

CCTV footage privacy notice

This page describes the National library of Australia's position on the use of CCTV footage gathered on the premisis.

Code of conduct for readers and visitors

This code outlines the conduct we expect from readers and visitors.

Collection description policy

This policy provides a statement of the Library’s current approach to describing its collections of Australian and overseas resources, both published and unpublished.

Collection Development Policy 2016
Collection digitisation policy

This is a guide to both the digitisation of items held by the Library, and the management of these digital objects.

Collection disaster plan

This deals with disaster preparedness and preparation and is used by the Library as a manual in routine disaster preparedness and prevention activities.

Copyright position statements

The National Library endorses these position statements on copyright, issued by National & State Libraries Australia (NSLA).

Digital Preservation Policy 4th Edition (2013)

This indicates the directions the Library intends to take in preserving its own electronic collections (both born digital and digitised), and in collaborating with others to enable the preservation of electronic information resources.

Disability Framework

This document sets out for staff the Library’s commitment and approach to achieving the key elements of its Disability Framework.

Environmental policy

The Library’s Environmental Policy demonstrates and drives the organisation’s commitment to continual improvement in environmental performance.

Events and education policy
Exhibitions Loans Policy
Exhibitions policy

The Library develops exhibitions and displays to enrich the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the collections of the National Library of Australia and of the role of libraries and their collections more generally

Guidelines for the discard and retention of library material

These guidelines summarise the National Library's policy on discarding materials from its print collections.

Indexed list of file titles

This Indexed List of File Titles is made available in accordance with the requirements of the Senate Order for the Production of Indexed Lists of Departmental and Agency Files.

Information and research services policy

This policy describes the reader services the Library provides and how staff are expected to deliver them.

Information technology strategic plan

The IT Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022 sets out the objectives, principles and initiatives to address the need for improved and evolving IT capabilities required to achieve the Library’s goals. 

Mobile Strategy

The National Library of Australia's strategy and vision for the future of mobile technologies.

Onsite Volunteer Program policy

A framework for the management and implementation of the Library's Volunteer Program.

Policy on the illumination of collection material on display
Preservation policy

The purpose of this document is to present high level policy statements for the National Library of Australia regarding the preservation of its collections, and regarding the Library’s role in fostering preservation of documentary heritage.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the intention and direction in which the National Library of Australia (the Library) approaches and manages the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).

Publications policy
Resource Sharing Strategic Plan 2012-2015
This is the National Library of Australia’s medium term Strategic Plan for supporting national resource sharing activities, covering the period July 2012 to June 2015.
Social media policy

Standards Library staff are expected to follow and guidelines to assist in social media interaction.

Social media strategy 2013-2014

Roadmap for the library’s future social media activity.  


This statement sets out the Library’s current standards activities.

Visitor access to and use of, medications and other personal medical equipment in the Library

This document describes Library policy for the procedures surrounding Library users and visitors who may require access to personal medications and/or medical equipment while on Library premises. It provides guidance to relevant Library Authorised Persons.