1. In a class discussion, explore the source with your students using the following questions:

  • What is the message that this source conveys?
  • When do you think the proclamation board might have been used?
  • How might it have been used?
  • Why might it have been used?

Conclude the class discussion by explaining the historical context of the source to your students, using the background information provided.

2. Challenge your students to compare the following detail from the proclamation with a detail from a drawing by Aboriginal artist Mickey from Ulladulla.


Discuss the following questions with your students:

  • What are the similarities between the ways Governor Arthur’s proclamation board and Mickey of Ulladulla (1820─1891) have depicted male figures? What are the differences?
  • How might these similarities and differences have influenced the way different groups interpreted the message on Governor Arthur’s proclamation?

3. Challenge your students to design a poster for a contemporary Australian audience that conveys the message that all Australian people are equal before the law.

Other Treasures sources that relate to the concepts explored in this source include: First peoples, Early settlement and Contact