This resource has been developed with reference to two content descriptions for Year 9 students in the Australian Curriculum: History – ‘World War I (1914-1918)’.

  • An overview of the causes of World War 1 and the reasons why men enlisted to fight in the war (ACDSEH021)
  • The places where Australians fought and the nature of warfare during World War 1, including the Gallipoli campaign (ACDSEH095)

The resource also supports four content descriptions for Year 9 students in the Historical Skills side of the Curriculum:

  • Use chronological sequencing to demonstrate the relationship between events and developments in different periods and places (ACHHS164)
  • Identify and locate relevant sources, using ICT and other methods (ACHHS168)
  • Develop texts, particularly descriptions and discussions that use evidence from a range of sources that are referenced (ACHHS174)
  • Select and use a range of communication forms (oral, graphic, written) and digital technologies (ACHHS175)