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J.N.D. Harrison collection

Project Brief | Cataloguing guidelines


To provide access through the Library’s catalogue to the 37 drawings in the J.N.D. Harrison collection.


  • Catalogue drawings individually based on the captions
  • Digitise drawings using a digital camera
  • Link images to catalogue records
  • Load images to Pictures Catalogue and PictureAustralia

Description of the material to be digitised

These drawings were done by John Harrison while he was a prisoner of war during World War II. There are 26 watercolours, 10 pencil and 1 crayon drawing. The drawings show many aspects of prison life including buildings, grounds and people in the camps. The papers of John Harrison are held in the Manuscript Collection, and a portrait of J.N.D. Harrison in uniform by Tom Lewsey is held in the Pictorial Collection. John Harrison was born in 1911 in England. He left England at the age of 22, spending the next twenty five years in Malaya, serving in the Malaya Police Service. From 1942 to 1945 he was a prisoner of war, initially in Changi and then in Sime Road from May 1944 until his release in August 1945. He resumed his duties in the Malaya Police Service, retiring to Tasmania in 1958. He died in 1980.

Preservation, care and handling guidelines

DISCLAIMER: The National Library of Australia disclaims liability for the use of the information provided in this page. The guidelines have been produced to aid Library staff in the digitisation of collection material. The National Library of Australia accepts no responsibility for the loss occasioned as a direct or indirect result of the use of the information in these guidelines.

This collection is made up of 26 watercolours, 10 graphite drawings and 1 pastel. All items are in good condition. The paper supports are machine made with laid lines. Some of the drawings have printed material on the verso. Most of the supports are also slightly yellowed with uneven edges. Three of the graphite drawings have foxing stains scattered across the sheet (R11,333/37,28,36). The watercolour and pastel pigments are in good condition.

All items have been rehoused into mylar pockets with an acid free backing. The pastel with the watercolour on the verso has been housed into a 2 way window mount.

This collection was sent captured by Imaging Services with a digital camera.


NLA staff Other
Pictorial Collection Researchers interested in World War II
Manuscript Collection Academic researchers
Digitisation Team Institutions with related collections, subject interest
Digitisation Steering Committee Public
Preservation Services  
Public Programs  
Special Materials Cataloguing  

Program of work

Item Responsibility Date completed or time period
Preservation assessment Preservation Services April 2001
Decide on level of cataloguing Special Materials Cataloguing Unit June 2001
Create cataloguing template and guidelines Special Materials Cataloguing Unit June 2001
General condition survey Digitisation Project team leaders July 2001
Deliver material to Digitisation Pictorial Section July 2001
Care and handling guidelines Digitisation Project team leaders July 2001
Cataloguing guidelines session Special Materials Cataloguing Unit Late July 2001
Create Pictorial Manager batch Digitisation Project team Late July 2001
Create and review catalogue records Digitisation Project team July-August 2001
Alert Imaging Services Digitisation Project team August 2001
Return material to Pictorial Digitisation Project team August 2001
Deliver material to Imaging Services when requested Pictorial Section September 2001
Digitise with digital camera Imaging Services October 2001
Quality check images Imaging Services/Pictorial October 2001
Deliver material back to Pictorial Imaging Services? Pictorial? October 2001
Strip metadata and put in spreadsheet Information Technology Branch October 2001
Rename images and move to Picimages’ Archive folder Information Technology Branch October 2001
Check metadata spreadsheet Imaging Services? Digitisation Project team? October 2001
Change batch status on Pictorial Manager Pictorial? Digitisation? October 2001
Create derivatives & rename for Pictorial Manager Information Technology Branch October 2001
Load images to Pictures Catalogue Information Technology Branch October 2001


Project owner/Driver David Toll and Margy Burn
Project manager Angela Brown
Key information sources Pictorial Manager, Preservation Services, Digitisation Team, IT, Imaging Services
Constraints Digitising must be done in Imaging Services


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