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Digitisation Project Brief - Daisy Bates pastoral map collection

General description of the proposed project

Digitise the pastoral property component of the Daisy Bates map collection to complete the microfilming project of the Daisy Bates manuscript collection (MS 365). The first 60+ maps of the collection, being the Aboriginal map component of this collection, have been already been digitised.

Collection material of relevance to the project

51 pastoral property maps within the Daisy Bates collection, together with 3 other text items relating to both map collections. The maps were used by the Bates property to manage their pastoral station in Western Australia during the early part of the twentieth century. They comprise the second half of the Daisy Bates map collection.

To be digitised from original collection material. Approximately 10-15% of the maps are in very poor condition so better condition copies from the Australian map collection will also be scanned as reference copies.

Levels of use and user groups – current and anticipated

The Daisy Bates collection is in demand from Western Australian Aboriginal and native title claim groups. The Battye Library has sought the re-microfilming of the collection as the original microfilm is of poor quality.

Not known if the maps were originally microfilmed.

Bibliographic coverage of the collection

List of maps available - all maps will be individually cataloged.

Preservation, care and handling guidelines

DISCLAIMER: The National Library of Australia disclaims liability for the use of the information provided in this page. The guidelines have been produced to aid Library staff in the digitisation of collection material. The National Library of Australia accepts no responsibility for the loss occasioned as a direct or indirect result of the use of the information in these guidelines.

Collection has been partially surveyed. Treatment required for two items (alternative copies yet to be located in Australian map collection).

This collection is in stable condition to be digitized. A majority of the maps do have small tears or losses but should be stable to handle. Eight maps do need major treatment and they are: DB75, 84, 88, 91, 96a,96b, 102,106. Some maps maybe required to be scanned through mylar.

Intellectual property or other rights

Unlike the other maps in this collection, no restrictions apply.

IT requirements

No special requirements. The digital images will be available as part of the Library's digital collections and managed within the Digital Collections Manager (DCM).

Resource requirements

This collection could easily be absorbed within the 2004-2005 financial year digitisation work plan. Ideally needs to be done earlier to meet the established microfilming target (already delayed) of January 2003. If it can be brought forward additional resources will be required.


Remainder of Daisy Bates collection has been microfilmed/scanned for a microfilming project. The Battye Library has sought refilming of the material. No Public Programs associated activity.


Microfilming was due to be completed January 2003. Digitisation will be done by the Digitisation Project team as soon as possible.

Contact officer: Maura O'Connor, Map Curator


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