Digitisation of Traditional Format Library Materials

Digitisation Project Brief - Daisy Bates special map collection

General description:

The collection comprises 63 maps from the Daisy Bates manuscript collection (MS 365) (either manuscript or printed maps with manuscript annotations) relating to Bates' research with Aboriginal tribes, in Western Australia. Digitisation would be from the original items - the 42 Aboriginal maps only at this stage. Some microfilming of the collection has been done in the past - the maps are not suitable for re-scanning from the microfilm due to their fine detail and poor legibility. The maps are robust enough to withstand scanning.

See also subsequent proposal for this map collection.

Use of the collection material - current and anticipated

These maps are regularly in demand from various Western Australian Land Councils for work relating to Native Title claims. Currently photocopies or, on occasion, digital scans of the material are being provided on demand.

Bibliographic coverage of the collection:

The Aboriginal maps in the Daisy Bates collection have a collection level record and individual catalogue records.

Intellectual property or other rights:

Cultural sensitivities exist regarding provision of access to digital scans of this material to the general public and younger members of the Aboriginal groups. Until these sensitivities can be resolved it is recommended that remote access to the images be suppressed and only made available on application to the Map Curator. An appropriate note to this effect needs to be included in the individual catalogue records.

IT requirements:

No special requirements. The digital images will be available as part of the Library's digital collections and individual map catalogue records. Images will be stored on the Digital Collections Manager (DCM) and delivered to users, on application to the Map Curator

No additional investment would be required from an IT perspective - scanning devices in the Digitisation Project work area could be employed.

Resource implications:

This collection could easily be absorbed within the 2002-3 financial year digitisation work plan to meet the established targets for maps.

Contact Officer: Maura O'Connor, Map Curator


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