Digitisation of Traditional Format Library Materials

International Children's Digital Library project

General description of the proposed project

DThe National Library wishes to make a contribution to the International Children's Digital Library (ICDL), a 5-year research project to build an international collection of children's literature that reflects both the diversity and quality of children's literature from many cultures.

Currently, the collection includes materials from 27 cultures in 15 languages.

Collection material of relevance to the project

Five items are identified as suitable for contribution to the project. All editions are out of copyright, reflect Australian culture and are suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 13.

  1. The Bay and Padie book : kiddie songs / Furnley Maurice; illustrations by Vera Hamilton and Cyril Dobbs - 2nd edition (Melbourne: Sydney J. Endacott, 1917 [i.e. 1918])
  2. Blinky Bill, the quaint little Australian / story and decorations by Dorothy Wall (Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1933)
  3. A Book for kids / by C.J. Dennis (Sydney : Angus & Robertson, [1921])
  4. Dot and the kangaroo / by Ethel C. Pedley ; with 19 illustrations by Frank P. Mahony (Sydney : Angus & Robertson, 1920)
  5. Night fall in the ti-tree / woodcuts by Geraldine Rede and Violet Teague ([Melbourne] : Imprinted now for the first time by hand at the Sign of the Rabbit, 1905)

Digitised will be from the original, 'N' copy collection material.

Levels of use and user groups – current and anticipated

The ICDL has as its primary audiences, children ages 3-13, librarians, teachers, parents, and caregivers, as well as scholars and researchers who are interested in children's literature.

Bibliographic coverage of the collection

The five selected items are catalogued onto the National Bibliographic Database (AN4911308, AN3281107, AN6721968, AN2311356 and AN3819304).

Preservation, care and handling

Preservation considerations will need to be assessed. However, books have been selected keeping apparent quality of their condition in mind.

Intellectual property or other rights

All books selected are out of copyright. Tagged image file format (TIFF) masters will be supplied by the NLA to the project.

IT requirements

Standards required by the ICDL project are noted below and these concur with the Library's own digitisation standards.

The Library's usual derivatives - JPEG 'thumbnail', 'view' and 'examination' copies - would be generated from the TIFF masters and all stored within the Digital Collections Manager (DCM). The digital images will be available as part of the Library's digital collections via the generic delivery system for bound volumes. The digital images would also be available from the ICDL site.

Resource requirements

Digitisation of the selected titles is to be completed by the Digitisation Project team as part of their 2003-2004 workplan.


Major funding for the ICDL project is from the USNational Science Foundation, the Kahle/Austin Foundation, and the Institute for Museum and Library Services. Additional support is from the Library of Congress, the Markle Foundation, Adobe Systems Inc., and Octavo. The National Library of Australia would not, however, receiving funding for the digitisation of the books selected.

Other participants in the International Children's Digital Library project are:

Plus a range of authors.


The Library's Corporate Management Group requested that the Library participate in this international project as soon as possible. Digitisation will be completed in November 2003.

Contact officer: Marie-Louise Ayres


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