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Sydney 2000 Paralympics collection

Project Brief | Cataloguing guidelines

General description of the proposed project

The National Library sent staff photographers Jim Nomharas and Loui Seselja to the Sydney 2000 Paralympics Games to photograph the athletes and a range of events. The images they captured show the life of the athletes in the Paralympic village, the opening and closing ceremonies, medal presentation ceremonies and the Sydney street parade and Canberra parade following the closure of the Games. The events covered include shooting, swimming, track and field, wheelchair basketball and equestrian.

Collection of material and relevance to the project

The collection consists of about 656 negatives taken by the Library's photographers, a selection of 113 of which are to be individually catalogued and digitised. 38 of these selected negatives also have exhibition prints. The collection contains 35mm and 5.5x5.5cm black & white negatives and 35mm colour negatives.

Levels of use and user groups - Current and Anticipated

Research interest is expected in the Paralympics both as a sporting event of national significance and as an aspect of the life of the disabled. With the Olympics and Paralympics taking place every four years, we can expect an upsurge of interest closer to 2004.

Bibliographic coverage of the collection

There is a collection level record for the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games collection on the Library’s catalogue and Kinetica - AN23921766. The collection has been given the accession numbers NL38737 and NL38742 by Imaging Services, and will be housed in the Hurley Stack. The exhibition prints will be housed in drawer number Q114.

Negatives taken by Jim Nomharas are accompanied by a descriptive list providing information about either individual negatives or small groups of negatives. Louis Seselja’s images do not have a descriptive list.

Intellectual Property or other rights

The National Library holds copyright for this collection.

IT requirements

No additional investments would be required from an IT perspective – scanning devices in the Digitisation Project work are could be employed. The digital images will be available as part of the Library's digital collections and managed within the Digital Collections Manager (DCM). Delivery to users will be via the Pictures Catalogue and PictureAustralia service.

Resource Requirements

This collection could easily be absorbed within the 2002-2003 financial year digitisation work plan to meet the established targets.


Digitisation of the Sydney 2000 Paralympics collection does not, at present, relate to any projected NLA, or other organization, programs, activities or events.


Work on the Sydney 2000 Paralympics collection in the Digitisation Project is due to commence in September 2002 and finish by June 2003.

Other Considerations

Considerations such as the sensitive description of people with disabilities and the demands this will place on those generating captions and titles for material in the collection have been detailed in the cataloguing guidelines.


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