Digitisation of Traditional Format Library Materials

Digitised to Date

With more than 100,000 still image collection items now in a digital form, this page lists only some of the Library's key manuscript, rare map, printed music, picture and print collections digitised. Use the 'Search' box at the top of this page to find specific items in our digital collection, or browse the Library catalogue through the links below:

The Library's Pictures Catalogue, online exhibitions and LibrariesAustralia as well as federated resource discovery services such as PictureAustralia, AustraliaDancing and MusicAustralia offer alternative means of access. URL lists of our digitised collection items are also exposed to image search services such as Google™ and Yahoo!. The Library also contributes data from its digital collection to the Sheet Music Consortium, RLG Cultural Materials and OAIster initiatives.

NB* Documentation for each project is available under 'Project Brief' - including the scope and nature of the projects, cataloguing templates (where applicable), preservation survey notes as well as care and handling guidelines.


Rare maps:

Printed music:

  • Australian 19th Century sheet music - project brief available
  • Australian location songs and music, 1900-1930 - songs about Australian places ... towns, cities, mountains, rivers and regions - project brief available
  • Australian patriotic music, 1900-1930 - music about war, historical, political and national events as well as national “anthems” - Project Brief available
  • Australian piano music, 1900-1930 - project brief available
  • Australian topical songs and music, 1900-1930 - music about people, animals, characters, products, projects, events etc that have been identified as having significant and uniquely Australian subject matter - project brief available
  • JAF Australian sheet music - music relating to Australia, as collected by Sir John Alexander Ferguson - project brief available
  • Snell Australian sheet music - music relating to Australia, as collected by Kenneth Snell - project brief available


Current pictorial acquisitions are routinely digitised and acquisitions have included material from the following collections:

Print collections:



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