Digitisation of Traditional Format Library Materials

Digitisation Project Brief - Echuca river pilot charts

General description of the proposed project

Digitisation of the Norris collection of 20 river pilot charts belonging to the Echuca Historical Society.

Collection of unique river pilot charts in a private (Historical Society) collection comprising rare, if not unique charts of the Murrumbidgee and Lachlan Rivers, as well as the more common charts of the Murray and Darling Rivers. The Library has catalogued the material and has offered preservation treatment with a view to assisting the Society in providing public access to the collection.

Collection material of relevance to the project

20 river pilot charts on drafting linen produced during the latter part of the nineteenth century to assist with navigation on the Murray, Darling, Murrumbidgee and Lachlan rivers.

To be digitised from the original material.

Levels of use and user groups – current and anticipated

Public interest and research scholars.

Bibliographic coverage of the collection

Records currently available on KiNETICA for 10 of the items (AN23301480, AN23301799, AN23301905, AN23302406, AN23302416, AN23302516, AN23309350, AN23309354, AN23309364, AN23309487). Access will be made through collection entry for the Echuca Historical Society Norris collection. The remainder of the collection will be catalogued as soon as treatment has made them accessible.

  1. Collins & Euston, Murray, Murrinbidgee [ie Murrumbidgee] to Mallee Cliff
  2. Junction Murray at Bidgee [ie Murrumbidgee] to Balrandald
  3. Bourke to Weelong
  4. City of Morgan, Morgan to Wentworth
  5. From a few miles above Wentworth to above Leamans
  6. Nap Nap station to Elwood (Hortons)
  7. Darling River from Nelyambo to Tooralie
  8. Darling River
  9. From Wentworth to Blanchtown [ie Blanchetown]
  10. Avoca to Netly Stn, Darling River
  11. From above Albamarle [i.e. Albermarle] Station up to Nelyambo Station
  12. Mt Murcherson [ie Murchison]
  13. From Tooralie Station to Bourke No. 6
  14. Edwards [ie Edward] River
  15. Kieta [ie Kieeta]
  16. Mallee Cliff to Wentworth
  17. Weelong to Wilcannia
  18. Toganmain to Pevensey
  19. Wilcannia to Curranyalpa
  20. Euchuca and above

Preservation, care and handling guidelines

At least 7 charts require some treatment to make them accessible and stable for scanning. An estimate of up to 3 months has been given by Preservation as the required timeframe to undertake this work, either by students or a professional conservator.

Intellectual property or other rights

Property of the Echuca Historical Society.

IT requirements

The digital images will be available as part of the Library's digital collections and managed within the Digital Collections Manager (DCM).

Resource requirements

This collection could easily be absorbed within Imaging Services' 2003-4 financial year digitisation work plan to meet the established targets.


Margy Burn, on behalf of the Library, committed the Library to undertake preservation treatment and digitisation of the charts. The Society has agreed to the Library undertaking this work.


Approximately 6-12 weeks for stabilization work. Scanning, etc. c210 hours.

Contact officer: Maura O'Connor, Map Curator


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