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Sydney 2000 Olympics

Project Brief | Cataloguing guidelines

General description of the proposed project

The National Library sent staff photographer Loui Seselja and a captioning assistant to attended six days of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, and to several related events in Sydney and Canberra. Subjects covered by Loui Seselja were:

Collection material of relevance to the project

The collection consists of 2,437 negatives and transparencies. A selection of negatives were individually catalogued and digitised. All digitisation was from original collection material.

Levels of use and user groups – current and anticipated

Since most professionally taken photographs of the Olympics are not in the public domain, this collection of over 2,400 images will be of particular benefit to researchers. As the Olympic Games recur every 4 years, we can expect ongoing interest to rise in the lead-up to each subsequent staging of the Games.

Bibliographic coverage of the collection

There is a collection level entry for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games on the Library’s catalogue and Kinetica, with the AMICUS number 22965021. The collection has been arranged into a hierarchy of 9 sub-collections with the AMICUS numbers: an23135913, an23135882, an23121914, an23113162, an23113142, an22965251, an23113102, an23113098 and an22965155. A number of the sub-collections listed above have further sub collections, which can be located on the MARC record in Kinetica.

Preservation, care and handling guidelines

DISCLAIMER: The National Library of Australia disclaims liability for the use of the information provided in this page. The guidelines have been produced to aid Library staff in the digitisation of collection material. The National Library of Australia accepts no responsibility for the loss occasioned as a direct or indirect result of the use of the information in these guidelines.

The collection is in good condition, well housed and will not need treatment by Preservation services.

Intellectual property or other rights

The National Library holds copyright for this material.

IT requirements

No additional investments would be required from an IT perspective – scanning devices in the Digitisation Project work are could be employed. The digital images will be available as part of the Library's digital collections and managed within the Digital Collections Manager (DCM). Delivery to users will be via the Pictures Catalogue and PictureAustralia service.

Resource requirements

This collection was absorbed within the 2002-2003 financial year digitisation work plan to meet the established targets.


The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games pictorial collection was created as part of a Library-wide project to document the Games. Also collected were books, journals, newsletters, kits, posters and ephemera. The Pictures Branch of the National Library has also collected the work of a number of free-lance photographers who documented the Games.

A wide variety of Internet sites relating to the Olympics and Paralympics have also been archived in the PANDORA Archive. Internet sites are accessible through two collective entry pages in the PANDORA Archive: Olympic Games-Sydney 2000-Australian Internet Sites and Paralympic Games-Sydney 2000-Australian Internet Sites.

The National Library’s 2000 Olympic Games collection also complements the State Library of Victoria’s 1956 Melbourne Olympics site.

See also the Sydney 2000 Paralympics digitisation project.


Digitisation of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games collection was completed by July 2002.

Contact officer: Michelle Hetherington, Pictures Branch


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