Digitisation of Traditional Format Library Materials

Digitisation Project Brief - Tooley collection


To provide access through the Library's catalogue to the Tooley collection of Australian maps.

Contact officer: Maura O'Connor, Map Curator


  • Digitise maps using a digital camera
  • Link images to existing catalogue records
  • Store digital images

Description of the material to be digitised

Ronald Vere Tooley's map collection reflects the dedicated interest of one man to document the history of the cartography of Australia to the turn of the twentieth century. The collection comprises approximately 1,500 maps of Australia, the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Asia and the world.

It is anticipated that an average of 30 maps will be digitised per week - potentially in parallel with the Ferguson rare maps.


NLA staff Other
Map Curator Researchers interested in early Australian mapping
Digitisation Project team Public
Digitisation Steering Committee Institutions with related collections and subject interest
Preservation Services  

Program of work

Item Date completed or time period
Preservation assessment January 2002
General condition survey January 2002
Treatment From May 2002
Digitise with digital camera From July 2003
Quality check images  


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