Digitisation of Traditional Format Library Materials

Digitisation Project Brief - Waltzing Matilda


To provide access through the Waltzing Matilda online publication/exhibition, and Music Australia service to c100 pieces of Waltzing Matilda related collection material in the papers of Christina McPherson (MS 9065).


  • Catalogue outstanding Waltzing Matilda material within the Library’s collection.
  • Digitise Waltzing Matilda material within the Library’s collection.
  • Interpret to give context to the Waltzing Matilda material.
  • Design and develop a web site to communicate the Waltzing Matilda story for national and international online visitors.
  • Link digitised Waltzing Matilda material to catalogue records for delivery as part of the Library’s digital collection.
  • Link digitised Waltzing Matilda material through to the MusicAustralia web site pilot

Description of the material to be digitised

Mixture of music, manuscript, pictorial, maps and newspaper items.


NLA Staff


Program of work

Survey of collection material


Initial site content structure

16 May 2002

Preliminary writing

21 June 2002

Collection Research

30 June 2002

Site content structure

19 July 2002

Technology plan

19 July 2002

Final writing

19 July 2002


30 Aug 2002

Digitisation of collection material


Initial Design (including usability)

30 Aug 2002

Development (including testing)

1 November 2002


6 November 2002

Sign off

8 November 2002

Website completion and launch

November 2002

Contact officers: Robyn Holmes and Nicki Mackay-Sim


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