3 October 2012

The tender process for the Digital Library Infrastructure Redevelopment program has been completed and we have signed contracts with the successful tenderers.

The successful tenderers are:

  • for a digitisation system, CCS Content Conversion Specialists GmbH ; and
  • for a preservation and digital library core system, Tessella Ltd.

The Library has contracts to purchase CCS’s docWorks, which is a digitisation workflow system, and Tessella’s Safety Deposit Box (SDB), a digital preservation system with digital library capabilities. Both products are used internationally by organisations in the library, preservation and archiving domain.

We are now undertaking pilots of systems and an update detailing the outcomes of these pilots will be provided before the end of the year. After the pilots, the program team will move onto implementation of the program's first deliverable – the initial release of the digital library, which will produce a system supporting the digitisation, management and delivery of out-of-copyright published books and journals held in the Library’s collection.

Documentation for the procurement process is available at:

RFP 11/067 (18/7/2011 – 12/8/2011): RFP 11/067 documentation , and  RFP 11/067 questions and answers.

RFT 11/103 (25/11/2011 – 21/12/2011 ): RFT 11/103 documentation , RFT 11/103 Schedule 2, RFT 11/103 Schedules 3-5, and RFT 11/103 questions and answers.