A Matter of Facts

A Matter of Facts
The Value of Evidence in an Information Age Talks / Lecture

Cover of A Matter of Facts ; Laura Miller, Image supplied by author
18 October 2019, 11am -12pm
Theatre, Lower Ground 1


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Join Dr Laura Millar, independent consultant and scholar in records, archives, and information management, as she discusses her new publication A Matter of Facts: the Value of Evidence in an Information Age.

The safeguarding of authentic facts is essential, especially in this disruptive Orwellian age, where digital technologies have opened the door to a post-truth world in which “alternative facts” can be so easily accepted as valid.

As Dr. Millar argues in her book, because facts matter, evidence matters. In her talk, she will make the case that authentic and accurate records, archives, data, and other sources of documentary proof are crucial in supporting and fostering a society that is respectful, democratic, and self-aware.

Dr Millar has consulted with governments, universities, professional associations, and other agencies around the world, from advising national governments on electronic records management to consulting with aboriginal communities on the preservation of indigenous sources of evidence. She is the author of several award-winning publications and has taught in several universities in Canada and internationally.

The event will also be live streamed on the National Library of Australia Facebook page at 11am on Friday 18 October.

Cover of A Matter of Facts ; Laura Miller, Image supplied by author