Alexander von Humboldt:

Alexander von Humboldt:
The Shakespeare of the Sciences Talks / Lecture

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14 September 2019, 2.00pm-3.30pm
Theatre, Lower Ground 1


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Join us for a special event to celebrate the many achievements of Alexander von Humboldt – a polymath, geographer, naturalist and explorer, and the first person to describe the phenomenon and cause of human-induced climate change. On the 250th anniversary of his birth, the National Library of Australia will host a discussion with expert scientists to discuss von Humboldt’s impacts on the world of science and how they are still effecting leading experts today.  

Professor Gabrielle McMullen AM, President of the Australian Association of von Humboldt Fellows, will introduce us to the life and work of von Humboldt, before our panel discusses the impacts of his work more widely.

On our panel:
Dr Judith Reinhard (Head, Science and Innovation - Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Australia)
Emeritus Professor Hans Bachor (Department of Quantum Physics, Australian National University)
Professor Timothy J Entwisle (Director and Chief Executive of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria)
Facilitated by Lish Fejer (ABC Radio Presenter and Science Communicator)

South America. Sheet 1, Ecuador, Granada, Venezuela and parts of Brazil and Guayana / Humboldt, Schomburgk, Codazzi, etc. ; J. & C. Walker, sculpt. nla.obj-231178842
Aldre. de Humboldt [picture] / Ch. Bazin 1832; Gerard pinxt. 1832. nla.obj-136086419