Ask a Librarian - Music Collections Webinar

Ask a Librarian - Music Collections Webinar
Learning session

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20 November 2019, 1pm-2pm
Online, webinar


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Music is a pursuit enjoyed by many, but did you know the Library has a score of published and unpublished sheet music, archives, memorabilia, archival sound recordings?

In this Learning Webinar, learn about the Library’s extensive Music collection. Follow our Music librarians as they answer selected questions and share their research tips and tricks.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions to be answered. We've selected three questions that allow us broad scope for revealing research tips, resources and approaches that are applicable to a wide range of enquiries. Please be assured: if your question was not selected to be answered live in the webinar, you will still receive a response, as we'll answer your question via our Ask a Librarian service. The three questions are:

Question 1: How can I find out of copyright music to view from home?

Question 2: I am a collector of scores and have been unable to find the orchestral version of Stanford's Song of the Fleet anywhere. That is, until I stumbled upon what seems to be a copy of the manuscript in your collection. The record says that the score is still in copyright - please can I ask you to double check this as the composer died in 1924 and the lyricist in 1938, so the piece is likely public domain across the world. If this is indeed the case, please could I request a copy? 

Question 3: How do I find the musical entries to the Australian National Anthem Quest conducted by the Australian Council for the Arts in 1973? Why did the judges, John Hopkins, Peter Sculthorpe, Don Burrows, and Marea Prerauer decide that none of the entries were good enough to be the country's anthem?