Author Talk with Matthew Evans

Author Talk with Matthew Evans
'On Eating Meat' Book event

Matthew Evans, photographer Alan Benson
8 July 2019, 6pm-7pm
Theatre, Lower Ground 1


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An emotive topic that's hitting headlines at the moment and sparking intense conversation and debate is the ethics of eating meat. 

Join Matthew Evans and journalist, Karen Hardy from The Canberra Times as Matthew discusses his new book, On Eating Meat, conveying all sides to this complex issue with empathy, wisdom, and objectivity. 

About Matthew Evans: 

Matthew is a former chef and high-profile restaurant critic prior to becoming a smallholder in Tasmania's Huon Valley, so is uniquely placed to write about where our food comes from, and the ethics around eating meat.

He is also the presenter of the long-running SBS series, Gourmet Farmer, as well as What’s the Catch, an eye-opening documentary into the truth behind Australia’s seafood and For the Love of Meat, focusing on Australia’s meat industry. 

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Image: Matthew Evans, photographer Alan Benson