Conference Program

Saturday 3 August 2013
Time Session

9.00 am


10.00 am

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Mr Ryan Stokes

Chair, National Library of Australia Council

10.00 am

Session 1 - Kenneth Binns Lecture

Murray Bail

Chair: Anne-Marie Schwirtlich, Director General, National Library of Australia

11.00 am

Morning Tea in the Foyer

11.30 am

Session 2: Droughts and Flooding Rains

In a country of bush fires, cyclones and floods, how do we record the impact of nature on the human experience?

Matthew Condon, Adrian Hyland and Anna Rose

Chair: Marie-Louise Ayres, Assistant Director General, Resource Sharing, National Library of Australia

12.30 pm


2.00 pm

Session 3: Imagining the Capital: Words about Canberra

What do we mean when we write about 'Canberra'?

Geoff Page, Matthew Higgins

Participating Chair: Andrew Croome, author of Document Z and Midnight Empire

3.00 pm

Afternoon Tea in the Foyer

3.30 pm

Session 4: Crossing the Continent – Literary Journeys

Journeys have often featured in Australian writing. What happens when we travel across the continent into unknown or unfamiliar territory?

Sue Woolfe, Ros Moriarty and Felicity Volk

Chair: Margy Burn, Assistant Director General, Australian Collections and Reader Service, National Library of Australia

Sunday 4 August 2013
Time Session

9.30 am


10.00 am

Session 5 - Keynote Address

Bill Gammage

Chair: Mark Corbould, Assistant Director General, Information Technology, National Library of Australia

11.00 am

Morning Tea in the Foyer

11.30 am

Session 6: Reshaping the Landscape: Gardens, Farms and the 'Burbs

What happens when human beings recreate the natural world – physically or imaginatively?

Lesley Harding, Kendrah Morgan, Charles Massy and Jennifer Harrison

Chair: Peter Rose, Editor, Australian Book Review

12.30 pm


1.30 pm

Session 7 : Cityscapes

More than two-thirds of us live in cities and major towns – we think we know them. How do we recreate these 'known' spaces in our fiction and non-fiction? How well do we really know them?

Deborah Burrows, Steven Carroll and Kerryn Goldsworthy

Chair: Morag Fraser, Chair of Australian Book Review, former Miles Franklin Literary Award judge, and essayist on Australian landscape design

2.30 pm

Afternoon Tea in the Foyer

3.00 pm

Session 8: The Wide Brown Land for Me

What does it mean to be 'Australian' and a 'writer' now? Do you have to write about Australia?

Patrick Allington, Jeanine Leane and Jane Gleeson-White

Chair: Zoë Rodriguez, Copyright Agency Cultural Fund

4.00 pm

Closing Remarks

Anne-Marie Schwirtlich

Director-General, National Library of Australia