Poster for the Yes campaign for the Federal Referendum on 27 May, 1967, depicting the face of an Aboriginal infant. "Write yes for Aborigines in the lower square May 27th. Authorised by Faith Bandler, 13 Kens Road Frenchs Forest" appears to the left of the face and " Printed by Witton Press Pty., Ltd. Little Regent Street, Sydney N.S.W."

Witton Press, Yes for Aborigines : write yes for Aborigines in the lower square May 27th 1967, nla.obj-136875607

Some examples of online resources include:

  • The National Museum of Australia Collaborating for Indigenous Rights website tells the story of the 1967 Referendum.
  • The National Archives of Australia fact sheet details Government records relating to the Referendum, held by the Archives.
  • For indepth information on the referendum you could try the Australian Parliamentary Library's background paper and the more recent research brief

There are also many print resources available. One example is The 1967 referendum: race, power, and the Australian Constitution

If you are unable to visit the Library, Trove can help you find and get items at libraries near you.

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