In June 1984 the National Library received an important gift of old and rare Korean titles. These had belonged to Mrs Jessie McLaren, who went to Korea from Melbourne with her doctor husband in 1911. Her interest in Korean culture led her to collect many books, some of which she was able to bring back to Australia during the Second World War. Following her death, her daughter Mrs Rachel Human donated the material to the Library.

The McLaren-Human Collection as it is now known, contains 82 titles in 150 volumes dating from the sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries. Most relate to Korean history and literature. One of the most unusual publications, Samgang Haengsilto (The Three Principles of Basic Human Relationships) consists of illustrated Confucian moral tales in Chinese and Korean scripts. A complete listing of the McLaren-Human collection, which also contains some material in Japanese and Chinese, is available on request from the Asian Collections Section.

Gosling, Andrew. Jessie's Korea: guide to the McLaren-Human Collection in the National Library of Australia (2007)