Major Libraries in Korea

The National Library of Korea (English)

National Assembly Library (Korean, English)

National Digital Library (Korean)

Court Library of Korea (Korean)

Search for Materials in University Libraries (Korean)


Government Sites


Ministries of Korean Government

Office of the President Republic of Korea (Korean, English)

Korea National Tourism Organization (Korean, English)

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (Korean, English)

Ministry of Culture & Tourism (Korean, English)

Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development

Ministry of Information & Communication (Korean, English)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Korean)

Ministry of Justice (Korean, English)

Ministry of Science & Technology (Korean, English)

The Korean Overseas Information Service[KOIS]

Korean Law and Legislation

Constitutional Court Act (Constitutional Court of Republic of Korea)

Consumer Laws (Korea Consumer Protection Board)

Bank of Korea Act, General Banking Act and enforcement provisions

Constitutional Laws (National Assembly of Korea homepage)

Laws & Regulations (Links to South Korean laws and regulations on

Korea Legislation Research Institute (KLRI)

Kwanbo (Korean Official Gazette in Korean)

LawKorea (in Korean)

Ministry of Government Legislation (MOLEG)

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Newspapers & Broadcasting in Korea

Dong-A Ilbo (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)

Gook-Min Ilbo (Korean)

Han-Gook Ilbo (Korean)

Han-Gyore Sinmun (Korean)

Chosun Ilbo (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)

Jeju Times (English)

Joong-Ang Ilbo (Korean, English, Japanese)

Kyong-Hyang Sinmun (Korean)

Korea Herald (English)

The Seoul Times (English)

Korean Broadcasting System [KBS] (Korean, English)

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation [MBC] (Korean, English)

Seoul Broadcasting System [SBS] (Korean)

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North Korean Sites


Choson Sinbo (Korean, Japanese)

Nodong Sinmun (Korean)

The Pyongyang times (Korean, English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish)

General Information

Korean News (Korean, English)

Uriminzokkkiri (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian)

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Korean Websites in Australia

Korean Government websites in Australia

Ministry of Foreign Affaires and Trade in Australia (Korean, English)

Korean Embassy in Australia


Korean Communities in Australia & New Zealand

Korean Society of Sydney (Korean)

The ACT Korean Community (Korean)

The Korean Society of Victoria (Korean)

The Korean Society of N.Z (Korean)


Australiana (Korean Serials published in Australia)

Hoju Ilbo (Korean)

Christian Today (Korean)

Kyomin Chapchi (Korean)


Korean Studies in Australia and New Zealand

Monash University - Korean Studies Program, Korean Studies Resources

Korean, Faculty of Arts, The University of Sydney

China and Korea Centre, Faculty of Asian Studies, the Australian National University

The University of New South Wales - Korean Studies, Korean Research Centre

Asian Studies, Curtin University of Technology

School of Language and Linguistics, Griffith University

Korean, the school of Asian studies, the University of Auckland, New Zealand

LPT : Korean Language Proficiency Test (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Rusian, Vietnamese, Mongolian)