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The Australian Libraries Gateway (ALG) is a free Web-based directory service which has information about approximately 5,200 Australian libraries and cultural institutions, their collections and services. Started in March 1998, it aims to be a "one-stop-shop" directory for current information about Australian libraries and cultural institutions - a tool for world-wide users, for both information professionals and the general public.

One of the differences between the Gateway and many other Library directories is that each ALG member has a password to update or amend information about itself, its services and collection via the Web. This means that many libraries and cultural institutions are managing their information in the Gateway, thus ensuring that it is up-to-date and reliable. There are no charges associated with listing a library or cultural institution on the Gateway, nor any obligation for the listed institutions to provide any additional services to users of the Gateway.

In 2009, when Trove was released, the ALG was expanded to include an additional library type of “Trove Contributor”. Trove contributors are not always libraries but are cultural institutions that have organised collections and metadata that can be included in Trove.

The Gateway has been developed on behalf of the Australian library and cultural institution community by the National Library of Australia and received initial funding as part of Australia's Cultural Network (ACN).

The Australian Libraries Gateway site has been constructed in accordance with the Australian government accessibility guidelines.

Who maintains the Australian Libraries Gateway?

ALG members are responsible for maintaining their entries on the ALG. Members should use this contact form if they don't know/have forgotten their password (required to update their entry).

Feedback on current services and suggestions for future site development or enhancement are most welcome. Please contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk.

Last modified: June 05 2018.