Libraries Australia provides library and information professionals with a range of tools and services to help them do their job—from lending books and resources to other libraries to exposing their collections across the globe.

Managed by the National Library of Australia, Libraries Australia is a trusted and established service that has been supporting Australian libraries for over 30 years.

Who we are and what we do

We provide library and information professionals with the tools they need to do their job

Libraries Australia provides access to a suite of tools developed specifically for library and information professionals. These include Libraries Australia Search, Libraries Australia Document Delivery, cataloguing and data management tools, collection reports and analysis, and more.

Library and information professionals can use Libraries Australia tools and services to:

  • search for and find items from libraries in Australia and beyond

  • get resources via Australia’s largest interlibrary loan and document delivery service

  • easily and efficiently describe their collection and enrich their collection records

  • expose their library’s collections in Trove and internationally

  • understand and analyse their collection to make big-picture decisions.

We are a member-based organisation

Libraries Australia is a member-based organisation. Libraries and other organisations can become a member of Libraries Australia by paying an annual membership fee, which gives them access to a range of Libraries Australia tools and services.

Over 1200 organisations across Australia are currently members of Libraries Australia. They include state, public, academic, research and special libraries.

We provide a gateway to the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD)

Members of Libraries Australia get access to the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD)—the nation’s single bibliographic database, made up of the combined collections of over 1200 of Australia’s libraries.

Libraries Australia members can:

  • search the ANBD to find items

  • create and enrich their library’s records by drawing on data from the ANBD

  • expose their collections in Australia and beyond by contributing records to the ANBD.

We are a collaborative network

Libraries Australia is built on decades of successful collaboration between Australian libraries.

Members of Libraries Australia contribute their records and holdings to the Australian National Bibliographic Database, which other libraries and their users can then access. In this way, libraries across Australia work together to build an invaluable national resource for sharing collections.