About Z39.50

Z39.50 is an international information retrieval standard (ISO 23950) which enables one computer to speak to another in order to find and obtain information. It means that you can search and retrieve information from any Z39.50-compliant database using your own Z39.50-compliant system.

Libraries Australia Search is compliant with the Z39.50 protocol. The Libraries Australia Z39.50 Gateway (or ‘Z-Gateway’) supports access to ANBD bibliographic and authority files as well as many other databases, enabling you to download and save records, then directly import them into your system.

It’s important to note that this is ‘screen capture’, not downloading in the usual sense of the word—you can’t update records or add, modify, or delete holdings before you import them into your catalogue using Z39.50. Any manipulation of the record must be carried out in your local system.

The Libraries Australia Z39.50 service is available to all Libraries Australia members free of charge. Searching of most of the Z39.50 databases offered via the Z-Gateway is also free to Libraries Australia members.

If you would like to connect to the Z-Gateway, contact Libraries Australia member support