About us

Libraries Australia is a resource sharing service managed by the National Library of Australia for Australian libraries and their users. Its key missions are to support the workflows of Australian libraries and provide data to underpin Trove. The heart of Libraries Australia is the ANBD, which records the location details of over 50 million items held in most Australian academic, research, national, state, public and special libraries.



Libraries have a proud history of working together to share resources and information as a way to serve their users. The benefits of Libraries Australia membership include:
  • use of all of the ANBD data to meet copy cataloguing needs, and find all of that data in one place;
  • unlimited access to WorldCat – and other external databases – simultaneously, giving a high copy cataloguing hit rate;
  • inclusion of Blackwells TOC data, not easily available elsewhere, which enhances the member libraries’ catalogues;
  • assistance in making environmental transitions such as migration to new cataloguing standards (including Resource Description & Access);
  • full use of the national interlibrary loan system (LADD) – or, utilise a fully tested interconnection between their local ILL system and LADD – and the associated payments service;
  • workflow advice through the Libraries Australia Help Desk, whenever it’s needed;
  • ability to offer local communities alerting services through the personalisation features of Libraries Australia Search;
  • real time synchronisation of catalogue data of member libraries to the global catalogue WorldCat, ensuring visibility of Australian collections to a global community;
  • engagement between libraries in both formal and informal spaces online and offline, to share advice on workflow issues;
  • influence over the future directions of the service through the Libraries Australia Advisory Committee.


Our three main services are:
For further information and more services see: Our services.

Get involved!

There are many opportunities for members to share ideas and workflow advice as well as keep up to date with Libraries Australia services. They can:
Libraries Australia is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information or if you would like to subscribe, contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk on 1800 026 155 or via our online form.