Institution Specific Data EAG

Libraries Australia was interested in developing a new service which would allow libraries to use a localised version of Libraries Australia as a public access catalogue for their collections. To support such a service, additional institution specific data (ISD) may need to be added to ANBD records and be supported in Libraries Australia services.

ISD may be either optionally shareable data (e.g. subject data created using an institution specific controlled vocabulary) or non-shareable data (e.g. an institution specific URL).

The Libraries Australia Advisory Committee (at its meeting in September 2007) recommended that an Expert Advisory Group be established to review Libraries Australia policy on support for institution specific data.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference of this EAG were to:

  • review Libraries Australia policy regarding support for institution specific data, and,
  • provide recommendations:
    • as to which non-shareable or optionally shareable data elements should be supported in Libraries Australia
    • as to the format in which these data elements should be exchanged between Libraries Australia and subscriber libraries
    • as to whether the MARC 21 Holdings Format should be supported for the exchange of holdings data between Libraries Australia and subscriber libraries
    • on system enhancements which could be made in Libraries Australia to support non-shareable and optionally shareable data.


  • Sue Clarke (Monash University)
  • Stephen Dunne (Learning Resources Unit, TAFE, S.A.)
  • Paul Pretor (University of Ballarat)
  • Russell Varney (Public Library Services, State Library of Queensland)
  • Wan Wong (National Library of Australia)
  • Bemal Rajapatirana (Libraries Australia)
  • Robert Walls (Libraries Australia)

Meetings & papers

The EAG was established in November 2007. Meetings were held by teleconference.


Expanded support for ISD, including support for the use of the MARC21 Holdings Format, will:

  • enable libraries to use Libraries Australia as a public catalogue;
  • support the development of a Libraries Australia Local service similar to WorldCat Local;
  • provide a new option for libraries to contribute holdings to the ANBD in standard MARC21 Holdings format including support for more detailed holdings information; and
  • provide support for institution specific Electronic Location and Access data which is currently exchanged and displayed using non-standard 856 fields.

Implementation of support for ISD in bibliographic records and the implementation of the MARC 21 Holdings Format in Libraries Australia will require changes to the configuration of the Cataloguing Service (CBS) and will need to be included as a requirement in the National Library’s redevelopment of the Libraries Australia Search service. Australian libraries will be kept informed as time-frames and plans for implementation are finalised.