Australian Subject Access Project

For many years librarians and library users in Australia have been frustrated by the limitations of the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) when it has come to describing a publication which is either uniquely Australian or for which the LCSH terminology is inappropriate for the Australian scene. This frustration will soon come to an end through a project which has been undertaken by the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD) Section at the National Library.

The aim of this project is to maximise the impact of online access to Australian subject terms. It is based on the second edition of List of Australian Subject Headings, an unpublished ALIA work, commonly called SLASH, which will gradually be implemented on the Australian National Bibliographic Database.

The Australian subject headings in SLASH can be divided into four categories:

  1. SLASH terms that represent a new concept not covered in LCSH,
  2. SLASH terms for names of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their languages,
  3. SLASH terms that refer the user to the equivalent LCSH term, and
  4. SLASH terms that replace LCSH terms with an equivalent Australian term.

The following is a list of headings from the first category which have been approved by the Subject Headings Review Panel (SHRP) and have been implemented, with their reference structure, onto the ANBD but still awaiting approval by the Library of Congress. To see a full list of ABN approved subject headings which are not authorsed by the Library of Congress please go to the Australian Extension to LCSH web page.

List of Approved Headings

Acacia harpophylla (May Subd Geog)
Amusement arcades (May Subd Geog)
Approved deposit funds (May Subd Geog)
Banksia integrifolia (May Subd Geog)
Blue tongued lizards (May Subd Geog)
Body corporate (May Subd Geog)
Brownies (Girl Guides) (May Subd Geog)
Collusive tendering (May Subd Geog)
Community broadcasting (May Subd Geog)
Community radio (May Subd Geog)
Cooking (Sultanas)
Crutching (May Subd Geog)
Decentralisation (May Subd Geog)
Droving (May Subd Geog)
Dyarcyops fuscipes (May Subd Geog)
Ethnic broadcasting (May Subd Geog)
Eucalyptus microtheca (May Subd Geog)
Flindersia (May Subd Geog)
Gold mining towns (May Subd Geog)
Gold nuggets (May Subd Geog)
Green parties (May Subd Geog)
Guides and guiding (Youth movement) (May Subd Geog)
Hakea (May Subd Geog)
Historic towns (May Subd Geog)
Home help (May Subd Geog)
Home units (May Subd Geog)
Homesteads (May Subd Geog)
Invalid pensions (May Subd Geog)
Kurrajong (May Subd Geog)
Live sheep export industry (May Subd Geog)
Local government boundaries (May Subd Geog)
Macrozamia (May Subd Geog)
Medium density housing (May Subd Geog)
Mineral sand mines and mining (May Subd Geog)
Mining towns (May Subd Geog)
Moloch (May Subd Geog)
Moloch horridus (May Subd Geog)
Mulesing (May Subd Geog)
Mycotic dermatitis (May Subd Geog)
National estate (May Subd Geog)
Notechis ater (May Subd Geog)
Notechis scutatus (May Subd Geog)
One-day cricket (May Subd Geog)
Primary industries (May Subd Geog)
School dental service (May Subd Geog)
School holiday activity programmes and centres (May Subd Geog)
School leavers (May Subd Geog)
Schools of arts (May Subd Geog)
Schools of the air (May Subd Geog)
Sheep-shearing industry (May Subd Geog)
Study leave (May Subd Geog)
Sultanas (May Subd Geog)
Swainsona formosa (May Subd Geog)
Tantanoola tiger
Tiger snakes (May Subd Geog)
Tourist accommodation (May Subd Geog)
Town houses (May Subd Geog)
Travelling stock (May Subd Geog)
Two-up (Game) (May Subd Geog)
Video arcades (May Subd Geog)
Villa homes (May Subd Geog)
Wage determination (May Subd Geog)
Welcome Stranger (Gold nugget)
Whistlers (Birds) (May Subd Geog)
Women in local government (May Subd Geog)

Addition of references to LC headings

High school buildings (LC) Add UF Secondary school buildings
High school facilities (LC) Add UF Secondary school facilities
High school graduates (LC) Add UF Secondary school graduates
High school libraries (LC) Add UF Secondary school libraries
High schools -- Curricula (LC) Add UF Secondary schools -- Curricula
High schools -- Furniture and equipment, etc. (LC) Add UF Secondary schools -- Furniture, quipment, etc.
Open learning (LC) Add UF Open universities
Universities and colleges (LC) Add UFs Institutes of technology;
Universities of technology, University colleges