Future developments


During the 2012-13 and 2013-14 financial years, Libraries Australia will be redeveloping the Libraries Australia Search Service. This redevelopment will ensure a faster, more stable search experience for Libraries Australia members. Libraries Australia Products, the Record Export Service and Z39.50 services will also be redeveloped.

In the lead up to this redevelopment, we conducted a review of the Libraries Australia services which included a detailed survey of more than 500 people from more than 350 Libraries Australia subscribing institutions, site visits, interviews with leaders in the Library sector and an environmental scan.

Version 0.1 of the Libraries Australia search interface (LA Search Alpha v 0.1) was made available to members for comment over three weeks during May and June 2013.  This release signified the end of Stage 3 of the project and work has commenced on Stage 4 (the last stage).

During Stage 4 of the redevelopment project there will be another release of LA Search Alpha (expected late October 2013) as the remaining functionality is added, plus any required modifications identified from user feedback. Libraries Australia users will be notified when this version is released and further feedback will be sought.

The final production version of the new Search service is expected to be delivered towards the end of the first quarter of the 2014 calendar year.


CBS upgrades

A configuration release of the CBS cataloguing software which underpins Libraries Australia is scheduled for December 2012. The main component will be support for RDA-related changes.

A new version of CBS , CBS 6.0, was implemented in October 2012. Among other improvements, CBS 6.0 includes SRU enhancements; CBS Job Manager, which will enable staff of the Libraries Australia office to undertake tasks such as global changes which are currently performed by IT staff at the National Library or at OCLC Leiden, and a number of improvements to match/merge of authority records.

Linking of bibliographic and authority records

In August 2012 we implemented functionality in the CBS cataloguing database that automatically links bibliographic and authority records. This development allows us to offer LA users an authority file product, Linked Authorities, that contains authority records that are linked to bibliographic records to which the library has added a holding.

Data Exchange

SRU Record Update is a protocol which supports the exchange of records in real time. It is an approach to data synchronisation which results in faster sharing of bibliographic records. It is used for sending Australian library data to WorldCat, the global library catalogue, in real time.

Libraries Australia is the second service in the world to use SRU Record Update to WorldCat; the Dutch Union Catalogue was the first. Greater benefits can be achieved as more libraries implement the protocol. The National Library of Australia recommends that libraries consider including SRU Record Update support as a requirement when they are purchasing new library management systems, or when requesting enhancements.

Libraries Australia would like to hear from libraries interested in testing the use of SRU Record Update to receive records from library management systems in Australian libraries, to increase the responsiveness and usefulness of record-sharing.

Other National Library services also provide data using this protocol, see NLA APIs for further details.

Document Delivery

Libraries Australia plans to implement another version of the Document Delivery software, VDX 6.0, in early 2013. Improvements will include:

  • Faster work queue display
  • Ability to copy an existing work queue and change it
  • From work queues, ability to obtain statistics, including performance timing; logs; explain
  • User alerts based on item format
  • Lock and allocate requests to staff members
  • Bug fixes
  • Unicode support

Libraries Australia plans to implement a Suspension and location script for the benefit of those libraries that use their own ISO ILL compliant interlibrary loan systems to interoperate with LADD. The script will support the following on VDX satellite systems:

  • Addition of new locations
  • Suspending/un-suspending locations
  • Changes to the address details of a location

Although the Suspension and location script has been developed for VDX satellite systems, it is hoped that with some development work, non-VDX systems will also be able to benefit from it.