Become a member

Libraries Australia is a paid service for libraries and information professionals. Organisations pay an annual membership fee to join, giving their staff access to a range of services to help them do their job.

Libraries Australia members also have access to professional development events hosted by Libraries Australia such as webinars and networking events. As well, members can connect and share knowledge with other library professionals via Libraries Australia local community and special interest groups and email lists

Libraries Australia is Evolving

In July 2019, the existing Libraries Australia membership will be replaced by a new collaborative membership model that bundles services offered through Libraries Australia with other digital services in Trove. The new model will provide members with access to a greater range of services and will include a new governance and pricing structure. For more information, please contact the Libraries Services Support Team.

What’s included in membership?

Your annual Libraries Australia membership fee includes access to the following services:

For an additional charge, you can also access these services: