Deep Linking

What is Deep Linking?

Deep Linking allows users of Libraries Australia Search and Trove to search for an item, then link directly through to that item in your library OPAC or online bookshop.

How does it work?

When users search Libraries Australia and click on Full View, a list of libraries that hold that item is displayed for each record.

If a library or bookshop is not deep linked, when a user clicks on the hyperlink for that library or bookshop they are taken to the library catalogue or bookshop search screen where they have to repeat their search.

If a library or bookshop is deep linked, when the user clicks on the hyperlink of that library or bookshop, they are taken straight to the item in that library’s online catalogue or in an online bookshop. This functionality is replicated in Trove.

How do I set up Deep Linking?

If your library would like to set up Deep Linking:

For Deep Linking to work effectively, you should ensure that your library’s holdings are kept up-to-date on the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD).

When do I set up Deep Linking?

Libraries should consider checking and updating their Deep linking if:

  • Changes are made to the URL of your library catalogue
  • Your library management system or discovery layer has changed
  • You have refreshed/migrated data on the ANBD

For booksellers

To set up Deep Linking for booksellers, Libraries Australia prefers to use a ‘web services’ API, constructing a URL which will search the bookshop database using either an ISBN or author/title query with the search results returned in XML.

The returned XML document would need to contain a list of matching records with each record having the title of the item and the URL to the item in separate XML fields. By using such an API, Libraries Australia can be configured to link directly to the page describing the item on your website.

If you are a bookseller and would like to set up Deep Linking:

Why isn’t Deep Linking working?

If you already have Deep Linking set up and find it is no longer working, or if the information that you supplied has changed (such as your catalogue URL), contact Libraries Australia member support

For more information

For more information about Deep Linking, contact Libraries Australia member support.