Disaster recovery operations complete for LADD gateway issue of 27th Feb

Disaster recovery efforts were completed last night for the issue experienced earlier this week which affected new requests and messaging from our VDX and Relais ISO libraries. The initial problem was due to a corrupt request which stopped subsequent requests from processing correctly.

A large number of requests and messaging were successfully recovered and have been processed through the LADD gateway. Some libraries will have noticed a significantly larger number of new requests were received yesterday afternoon which was a result of our recovery operations.

There may be some messaging however that has been lost. Our best estimate is that this number will be relatively small and will be mainly new requests that were created at approx 11am on Wed 27 February.

If you have concerns that a new request or action to an existing request may not have reached the intended library, the initial enquiry should be with the library. If a request or message is identified as having failed to reach the intended library, please contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk in the usual manner, (1800 026 155 or by logging a call at: http://www.nla.gov.au/librariesaustralia/contact/  ). In some cases we may be able to recover these requests, in others it will be necessary to create a new request.

Many thanks to all the libraries who assisted us in our recovery operations.

Kind regards


Philip Hahn | Libraries Australia Document Delivery System Administrator | National Library of Australia | Canberra ACT 2600
Ph 02 6262 1334 | Fx 02 6273 1180 | phahn@nla.gov.au

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