File specifications

If you contribute to the ANBD via the Data Contribution Service, you must ensure that your files contain enough information to allow correct transaction reporting and data conversion processing before they are loaded onto the ANBD.

The following specifications will ensure that your files meet these requirements.

File formats

Only one file is required for each contribution. Record data must be in one of the following formats:

Bibliographic files:

  • full MARC

  • non MARC.

For more information, see Contributing bibliographic records.

Holdings files:

  • full MARC

  • abbreviated MARC

  • non MARC.

For more information, see Contributing holdings.

Authorities files:

If you would like to contribute authorities files, contact Libraries Australia member support

File names

The file name must identify:

  • the member contributing the data

  • the type of process that the data represents. The 3 process types are:

Adding bibliographic records with or without holdings (B)

Adding or modifying holdings only (H)

Deleting holdings only (D)

Each file name must adhere to the following convention (see table below for element definitions):

NUC separator process separator file type file upload

symbol (-) (B, H or D) (.) (D) number

Example: QJCU-B.D01 where:

QJCU is the NUC for JCU Townsville

B is for bibliographic upload with holdings

D is the file type for data

01 is the file upload number.

The following table defines the elements of the file name convention described above.

Table: Element definitions for RIS file name convention
Element Fixed or Variable Mandatory or Optional Valid values Description
NUC symbol V M valid NUC symbol The NUC symbol of the Libraries Australia member contributing the records. Where an agency is supplying records on behalf of a Libraries Australia member, the NUC symbol of the Libraries Australia member should be used.
separator F M - hyphen character
process V M B, H or D B—adding bibliographic records with or without holdings
H—adding or modifying holdings only
D—deleting holdings only
separator F M . full stop character
file type F M D or E D—data file generated by the RIS contributor
E—error file generated by Libraries Australia. Files of this type are stored on the Libraries Australia FTP server.
file upload number V M 00 to 99 Running number of file uploads (first 10 of which should contain leading zeros) generated by the RIS contributor to identify each file uploaded to Libraries Australia. Numbers can be recycled after reaching the upper limit.
separator F O . full stop character
compress flag F O Z UNIX compatible compressed format indicator