ILL Etiquette - April 2013

To ensure a smoother requesting process, some simple guidelines to follow are:

As a requester
If requesting a Rush or Express, a quick phone call to the library on the rota will avoid delays.

Before requesting a renewal, check the library's listing on the ILRS for Standard Conditions of supply. A sample listing is below:

Standard conditions of supply: Please notify by phone or fax that a request has been placed through LADD for RUSH OR EXPRESS and quote LADD number. Loans are for 8 weeks and are non-renewable.

The ILRS search page can be found here:
Please keep your ILRS page up to date, if you have forgotten your password, please use the contact form:

Ensure requests are filled out as completely as possible. A quick Google search might help you find the correct citation.

As a responder
Check LADD regularly for incoming requests or sign up for email alerts

Follow the ILRS Code for supplying requests: Core 4 day, Rush 24 hours, Express 2 hours.
You can find a printable pdf of the Code here:

If you cannot fill the request within the required time it is recommended to action as 'Answer NonSupply'. The system automatically sends the request to the next location on the rota. If you are able to supply the request, however not immediately, you may use the action 'Answer Will Supply' but be aware that this effectively holds the request at your location until you select either 'Answer Non-Supply' or 'Shipped'.

All library suspensions can be found here:

If you have any questions, please contact the Libraries Australia Helpdesk on 1800 026 155 or through our online form:

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