Libraries Australia Search Redevelopment Update - Release Date

The new Libraries Australia Search implementation will occur in a staged release over a two week period commencing 8 July.

Stage 1 – 8 July

The first stage of the release will be the production release of the Z39.50 interface and Search database. Libraries Australia Search will be unavailable on Tuesday, 8 July from between 8AM - 9AM (AEST) to implement this release.

Following the release you will be connected to the Z39.50 interface and Search database using the same connection.   The connection details for each of the Z39.50 targets available to our members through our Z-Gateway will remain the same and are available at . Please note that all database names and passwords are case sensitive and it is very important when setting up your connection to enter this information exactly. If you have previously set up your connection case insensitive then this will need to be updated.

In this production release the following Ports will be using the new database:

  • (MARC-8 standard output)
  • (MARC-8 modified output)
  • (Unicode modified output)

The following Port will continue to use the legacy database until the release of the LA User Interface in Stage 2, as this Port is shared by the Z-Gateway and the LA User Interface: (Unicode standard output)

Please also be aware that the IS (Identifier:Standard) index is now divided into two indexes: CN (Control number) and IS, libraries that used to search for Libraries Australia IDs in the IS index on their local ILMS (using z39.50) may need to get a new index configured by their provider, if they don't have another one available in their ILMS that is appropriate (such as AN).

Also, the KT (Title Keyword) index now excludes the 505 tag from the Title index so there will be a difference in the number of records found in the new database from the legacy database.

Stage 2 – 15 July

The second stage of the release will be the production release of the Search User Interface, LA Admin update, RES update and the Training environment.  It is planned that the Libraries Australia Search will changeover to the new Search User Interface on Tuesday, 15 July from between 8AM and 9AM (AEST). This will be confirmed and a further notice will be sent about this release 3 days prior to the release.

Any saved records, saved searches or changes to favourite libraries during this changeover will be lost and not migrated to the new Libraries Australia Search.  It is important that you do not make these changes during this time.

The updated User Manual and supporting documentation to communicate the changes and assist users in the new Search Service will also be made available.

Stage 3 – 17 July

The third stage of the release will be the Production release of the Products update.  It is planned that the Libraries Australia Products will be unavailable on Thursday, 17 July from between 7AM - 9AM (AEST) to implement this release and users won’t be able to access the Products request form. This will be confirmed in the notice about the Stage 2 release.

There may also be a minor variation to the timing of the running of products around this time to accommodate the release.

We apologise for any inconvenience during this time.  If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk on 1800 026 155 or .

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