Linked Authorities product now available

Libraries Australia is pleased to announce that a new Libraries Australia product, Linked Authorities, is now available.

Over the past year Libraries Australia staff have worked closely with OCLC staff to implement the Libraries Australia Cataloguing (CBS) Relate program, which links bibliographic records offline to authority records in the Libraries Australia update database. The software matches headings in bibliographic records with the corresponding authority record. When a matching authority record is found, the preferred heading and authority record control number are inserted in the bibliographic record. This process improves the quality of bibliographic records by replacing non-preferred headings with the preferred form. At this stage the software has been configured to process Name, Name-Title, Uniform Title and Topical Subject headings. In the future we aim to configure the linking of the remaining subject headings.

Automated linking of headings in bibliographic records with their matching authority records in the Libraries Australia update database started in August. Since then the Relate software has completed two passes over the entire database. The Relate program now runs every night to pick up new or updated records, so linking of bibliographic headings is an ongoing process.

The Linked Authorities product provides you with a customised file of authority records tailored to your own collection (i.e. containing only authority records linked to bibliographic records with your holding).

The charges for Linked Authorities products are given below. You can choose to purchase a single base file and/or to subscribe to a quarterly update file of newly linked authorities.

Authority type File type Charge for Libraries Australia members Charge for consortia or vendors providing services to libraries
Libraries with a maximum of 500,000 holdings on ANBD Libraries with over 500,000 holdings on ANBD
Linked Authorities Base file (e.g. complete set of names, titles, subjects in MARC21) $550 per order $1,100 per order $2,200 per order
Quarterly updates $550 per annum $550 per annum $1,150 per annum

If you would like to purchase a Linked Authorities product or if you have any questions about Linked Authorities, please contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk at


Deborah Fuller
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